International Motor Show Geneva 2013


Hello my dears,

this entry will be interesting – especially for my masculine readers. I have been at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva today. To be honest, I don’t know many car brands and I am totally like ehmmm?!!! when it comes to: “which car do you prefer…?”. Anyhow, I already wanted to go to that exhibition last year, but because of my busyness I had to skip it. The exhibition period this year was very convenient for me.

The expo was quite crowded – in particular at the high value luxury cars. *OMG* everybody wanted to see and take a photo of the legendary Lamborghini, which is around 4.5 millions! You will find the picture at the end of my blog post. Today, I learned a lot of new car brands (but already forgot it *lol*) and saw many special, strange and ugly forms of car models.

Autosalon_2_zps9089436bAutosalon_5_zpsca6c2dd9Autosalon_6_zpsacee2b04Autosalon_7_zps89fba18d Autosalon_8_zps6fc1a381unknown brand…Autosalon_9_zps60702868Autosalon_10_zps8e040e20 Autosalon_19_zpsdc3b25c6 Autosalon_11_zpse41aa706 Autosalon_15_zpse404af59Autosalon_13_zpsb7de0087cars let boy’s heart beat faster – right? ^^Autosalon_12_zpsf73c09b6Autosalon_16_zps9ddb2bc5boys…Autosalon_17_zps22284403(1)Autosalon_22_zps8b713acfthe kids were so cute *3*Autosalon_28_zpsef3f4f36Autosalon_23_zps24743924how about  a mini car =) ?Autosalon_18_zpse9564f8eAutosalon_21_zps78907d83I-Road by ToyotaAutosalon_25_zps2df682b6Autosalon_27_zps1bea01a1Autosalon_32_zps8a7d5736Autosalon_33_zps9a2b566fAutosalon_34_zps64bb0cb4 Autosalon_31_zps354f5b61 Autosalon_35_zps3c2a281f Autosalon_36_zpsc34648f6Here is theLamborghini – value: ~4.5 Mio.DSC02265_zpsd66eac57Autosalon_37_zps62c91fadLooks like a Batmobil (´▽`) haha..Autosalon_20_zps55d3f4dcand here are the “wanna see the Lamborghini”-fans •o•

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