GenkiJACS School Event & Graduation


Hello my friends,

we are nearly at the end of my Japan travel posts. I hope to finished it soon, since I still have some Mokeke travel posts and other stuff to upload! So we are at the end of my last day in Fukuoka now. Every Friday, there is a graduation ceremony at the GenkiJACS school. Every student, which had his/her last das at the GenkiJACS, will get a certificate on that day. I had to prepare a speech in front of all the student, before I got my certificate (arg, I was quite nervous… not because I can’t speak Japanese, but because there were way too many people in front of me! I don’t like doing presentations >o<). I did not only wanted to post my graduation day, so you will additionally find some pictures of the GenkiJACS event in this entry. Sometimes there were events and activities, where the GenkiJACS students can participate. There was a GenkiJACS National Holiday Event on one weekend, I was pretty sure that this is going to be fun. We could join a local festival called “Dorotsukudon” to experience in pulling a portable shrine with local people. We also had a boat trip in the famous riverside district in Yanagawa city. The excursion made so much fun and it was a great opportunity to become more familiar with the other students and teachers. Once again I have to say that I had a wonderful time at the GenkiJACS in Fukuoka. Lovely school mates and teachers, I hopefully will meet them someday again!

My last school day
LastDayFukuoka_1My certificate, yay ^.^ LastDayFukuoka_2GenkiJACS studentsLastDayFukuoka_6here are my lovely school mates ^_^
Miss you guys~!!!LastDayFukuoka_3After the graduation ceremony~
Having dinner with my friends LastDayFukuoka_4 LastDayFukuoka_5Yakisoba!! LastDayFukuoka_7and Okonomiyaki!LastDayFukuoka_8 LastDayFukuoka_9 LastDayFukuoka_10 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

GenkiJACS School Event

LastDayFukuoka_12 LastDayFukuoka_13Having lunch on the boatLastDayFukuoka_14My Mokeke was enjoying the ride too ^^ LastDayFukuoka_15 LastDayFukuoka_16Japanese Matsuri (Festival) LastDayFukuoka_17 LastDayFukuoka_18 LastDayFukuoka_19 LastDayFukuoka_20 LastDayFukuoka_21 LastDayFukuoka_22 LastDayFukuoka_23 LastDayFukuoka_24awww, the kids looked so cute ^w^ LastDayFukuoka_25Last but not least:
A Japanese wedding LastDayFukuoka_26 LastDayFukuoka_27

2 responses to “GenkiJACS School Event & Graduation

  1. Das war bestimmt eine schöne Erfahrung. ^^ Aber ich kann dich verstehen. Mir wäre es auch mega unangenehm gewesen, wenn ich eine Rede hätte halten müssen. °0°;;

  2. Das sieht wirklich spannend aus! Ich finde die Kleidung mega interessant. Und ich hoffe, dass deine Rede trotz deiner Aufregung gut geklappt hat :)
    Alles Liebe, Salo

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