Neko Cafe Keurig The Loft


Hello Kitties!
On my last school day, one day before leaving Fukuoka, I planned to visit the Neko Cafe Keurig 猫カフェ キューリグ, which my Sensei recommended me. The cat cafe was very near from Nishitetsufukuoka station. The price is 1’000 Yen (~8 USD) for one hour entertainment with the cats including one beverage. The location was very peaceful and the view was nice too. They had many different cats, even a unique one, a white cat, which had two different eye colors! When you are in Japan and like cats as I do, you should check out a Neko Cafe ^_^!

NekoCafeKeuring_1 NekoCafeKeuring_24F – Neko Cafe Keurig The Loft NekoCafeKeuring_3 NekoCafeKeuring_4a catalogue with personal data about the cats NekoCafeKeuring_5 NekoCafeKeuring_6 NekoCafeKeuring_7 NekoCafeKeuring_8chilling with cats ^_^ NekoCafeKeuring_9 NekoCafeKeuring_10 NekoCafeKeuring_11this one just jumped on me >w< NekoCafeKeuring_12cuddle time, nyaaa!! NekoCafeKeuring_12a NekoCafeKeuring_13 NekoCafeKeuring_14awww, sleepy tigers~ NekoCafeKeuring_15 NekoCafeKeuring_16 NekoCafeKeuring_17neko selfie xD NekoCafeKeuring_18 NekoCafeKeuring_19 NekoCafeKeuring_20OMG, those eyes! Isn’t he pretty?
One eye was blue and the other one was green!

福岡市中央区今泉1-22-21 Jolisビル 4F

Fukuokashi Chūōku Imaizumi 1 – 22 – 21 Jolis Building 4 F


4 responses to “Neko Cafe Keurig The Loft

  1. Ich möchte auch gerne mal in ein cat café. *_* Ich glaube, gerade wenn man keine eigene Katze hat, ist das sicher super, um mal wieder seinem Katzen-streichel-Bedürfnis nachzukommen. ^w^

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