Sasebo & Huis Ten Bosch


Let’s move on to Nagasaki! After my two weeks school stay, I still had another holiday week left. My Japanese cousin is currently studying in Nagasaki and since it was just a few hours away from Fukuoka, I planned to visit her for 3-4 days. I took the direct bus from Tenjin station to Sasebo. I didn’t know a lot about Sasebo, only that there is a really cool theme park (with a One Piece ship!!) called Huis Ten Bosch ハウステンボス. The park is very beautiful and you will find lots of Dutch-style buildings, museums, shops, restaurants as well as windmills, flowers and amusement rides. If you are in Sasebo, you definitely have a look at this theme park! It’s worth it. The second thing you should do is to eat a Sasebo Burger! I really regret that I didn’t try one. I have never thought that burgers are so famous in Sasebo until I watched an episode from YOUは何しに日本へ?(just google Sasebo Burger SBK) after I came back from Japan… However, I am sure that this wasn’t my last time in Sasebo, I would love to go to Huis Ten Bosch again and try a Sasebo Burger the next time! The days went through very quickly, it was a short stay but it was nice to see my lovely cousin after one year again!

off to Sasebo!WelcomeSasebo_1Sasebo’s speciality is Burger!
Unfortunately, I didn’t try it…WelcomeSasebo_2WelcomeSasebo_4chomestay at my cousin’s homeWelcomeSasebo_3Shopping!WelcomeSasebo_4aHalloween ice cream from Baskin Robbins!
WelcomeSasebo_4  what the…
Kewpie + Sasebo Burger?!!WelcomeSasebo_4bChopper with Sasebo burger ^^WelcomeSasebo_4dWelcome to Huis Ten Bosch!! WelcomeSasebo_5 WelcomeSasebo_6 WelcomeSasebo_7entry feeWelcomeSasebo_10Let’s go! WelcomeSasebo_11
WelcomeSasebo_8Holland! ehh…..
what, wait, we are still in Japan xD WelcomeSasebo_9Monster pumpkin!! WelcomeSasebo_12look at this happy popcorn shop! Awesome :D WelcomeSasebo_13WelcomeSasebo_14Cheeese with the One Piece pirate crew! WelcomeSasebo_15the Trick Art Museum WelcomeSasebo_16the horror hospital
nothing for weak hearts!!WelcomeSasebo_17 WelcomeSasebo_18the (gents) horror toilet
have fun guys xD muhahahWelcomeSasebo_19during the day: WelcomeSasebo_20at night:WelcomeSasebo_30WelcomeSasebo_21 WelcomeSasebo_22 WelcomeSasebo_23the One Piece ship WelcomeSasebo_24Huis Ten Bosch at night WelcomeSasebo_25waaaa, so beautiful! WelcomeSasebo_26Off to the ferris wheel
(additional fee = 600 Yen)WelcomeSasebo_27 WelcomeSasebo_28 WelcomeSasebo_29 Souvenirs WelcomeSasebo_31

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