Genki JACS Fukuoka


Let me introduce you the Japanese school GenkiJACS (Genki Japanese and Culture School) in Fukuoka, where I have been for two weeks. School started on Monday, 6 October 2014 at 9 o’clock. All new students got orientation about the GenkiJACS and the school lessons and afterwards some students had to do a level check test. On the following days, my school lessons started at 9:30 a.m. – however (beginners?) had lessons in the afternoon. You can reach the GenkiJACS in about 5~10 minutes by foot from Tenjin station. However, I left the train at Akasaka station, it was almost the same distance like from Tenjin station. I recommend you to buy a season ticket if you stay more than 2 weeks. I used the Hayakaken, which my host mother lent me. This train card is a rechargeable card, which can be used for the public transport in Fukuoka. Instead of buying a ticket, you can hold the card at the ticket gate (where you normally put in your ticket before entering or leaving the train station) and it will directly debit the amount from the card.

So beside the special welcome day on Monday, my everyday routine was like this:

8:00 – 8:10 -> breakfast with my host mother (ohh she treated me like a king!) and at the same time we watched the Japanese television drama serie マッサン Massan, a really sweet story which only last about 10 minutes (but has numerous episodes *g*).

8:10-8:30 -> I did the dishes, got ready for school and left the house to catch the train

9:10 -> arriving at the Akasaka station and walked to the school (sometimes I did a stop at the Konbini (。ゝω・))

9:30-10:25 -> school lessons in a group (4 skills or grammar)

10:25-12:10 -> lunch break!

12:10-13:05 -> school lessons in a group (4 skills or grammar)

13:05~… -> free time

I had school lessons with three other people. H-san was from Hong Kong, K-san was from Texas and S-san from United Kingdom. Everyone was very nice and it always made fun to join the Japanese school lessons. Every single person had his or her strength and weaknesses but all in all, everyone had the same level. Some had difficulties with the Japanese pronunciation or with grammar – others had problems with reading Kanji (yes, that’s me! haha). Each person could write Kanji expect of me ヽ(・д・`●) I envied my school friends so much for their ability of reading and writing Kanji. However, I focused on reading Kanji instead of writing them, because this was the most important thing I wanted to improve to pass the JLPT. (You don’t have to write Kanji at the exam, so….) That’s why I booked an additional private lesson called “exam preparation”, which I had once a week with a Sensei (teacher). At first I was a bit disappointed because the standard lessons didn’t meet my needs. I wanted to learn more. More Kanji and get better in reading. So I asked my Sensei, if there is anything I could do additionally since I was there just for two weeks. She suggested me to take some additional lessons with a volunteer teacher, which was a really great idea. So if you are unhappy with your lessons or have questions about the Japanese culture, do not hesitate to ask the staff from GenkiJACS. I really liked the school in Fukuoka. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, you have students from all over the world and you can also attend to school events and activities. The school offers free wifi and at the lounge room you can use the laptop or the printer, if you had to print something. They also had microwaves there so you could bring your own lunch and heat it up. In my opinion, choosing Fukuoka was a good option. All in all I was happy that I decided to go to this school. *ヾ(´∀`o)

Breakfast by my host mother!
She’s amazing *_*GenkiJacs_25Here are some of my outfits ^.^GenkiJacs_24First I bought train tickets for traveling…GenkiJacs_1..then my host mother lent me her “Hayakaken” train cardGenkiJacs_2The school is just above the Mandarake
The entrance is on the left side!GenkiJacs_3Welcome~ GenkiJacs_4the reception GenkiJacs_5 GenkiJacs_6take off your shoes please GenkiJacs_7event board GenkiJacs_8GenkiJacs_9the loungeGenkiJacs_10hot water and green tea for free!
There is also a microwave which you can use!GenkiJacs_11free wifi & laptops/printer can be used at the GenkiJACSGenkiJacs_12my classroomGenkiJacs_13GenkiJacs_14GenkiJacs_15GenkiJacs_16GenkiJacs_17my lovely school mates ^_^GenkiJacs_18GenkiJacs_19I bought bento for lunchGenkiJacs_20GenkiJacs_21sometimes we went out during lunch time
…and had Sushi for example!GenkiJacs_23Don’t forget to do your homeworks ^o^GenkiJacs_22

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