How to make Happy Valentine’s Chocolate


Hello Sweethearts! ♡

Once a year, it’s Valentine’s Day! The best opportunity to bake and create some lovely sweets in the kitchen ☆ヽ(▽⌒*) So, since it was on a Saturday and my last baking activity was in December (xmas cookies and strawberry shortcake), I just thought of becoming creative again. I have never made self-made chocolate so far, that’s why I wanted to try the same as Japanese girls would do on a Valentine’s Day. All you need are silicone molds, chocolate and some decoration material. Melt the chocolate, put it in the silicone molds, let them cool down (best in your fridge) and last but not least, decorate them as you like. It’s really easy and makes a lot of fun! ♪ヽ(*⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒*)v

What did you do on Valentine’s Day?

  HappyValentine_1Let’s start!HappyValentine_2silicone moldsHappyValentine_3I love this part right here :)
Let’s decorate!!!HappyValentine_4the choco pens are from the 100 Yen shop in JapanHappyValentine_7HappyValentine_8 HappyValentine_6 HappyValentine_5HappyValentine_13 HappyValentine_12 HappyValentine_11HappyValentine_17 HappyValentine_10 HappyValentine_9Love in Japanese means AI HappyValentine_70PS. Hana became 3 years old!
Happy Birthday my love! ♥HappyValentine_15

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