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Hello dear readers!

Last Sunday I had a short day trip to the western part of Switzerland. This trip was actually a birthday present for my friend. With my sister and my two other colleagues, we decided to give him a day trip to the chocolate factory Cailler with a brunch in the morning and a dinner at the end of the day.

So I set up a program for the birthday child; we first started at 9.30am with a rich breakfast at my home. At around 11.15am we left the house. By car it took us approximately one and a half hour from my house to Gruyères. So before visiting the chocolate factory (which is located in Broc), I decided to have a short stop at the medieval town of Gruyères. From 13.00pm until 15.00pm (yep, we had a strict program ;) we spend our time at the pretty Castle of Gruyères and we also had a visit at the HR Giger Museum, which is situated just next to the castle. May some of you know the famous movie “Alien”? Mr. Giger was the creator of this creepy creature and at the museum you could have a look at his paintings, sculptures and other impressive collections of his creations. On the one hand it was absolutely crazy – me in the museum; he was definitely on drugs while painting this picture… on the other hand it was absolutely amazing and interesting – me like: wooooah, look at this furniture, that’s soo coooool! xD

Just on time we left the small town and moved forward to the chocolate factory. The Maison Cailler was located in Broc, which is around 10 minutes from Gruyères by car. We bought tickets for the “German”-tour (there are also tours in Chinese, French, Spanish, English or Italian) at 3.40pm. The tour started with the history of chocolate, it took around 20 minutes. At the end of the tour you could smell and touch the ingredients, which is used for a chocolate bar and furthermore you could marvel at the production of the famous Cailler chocolate branches. Last but not least there was a room, where we could taste different sorts of Cailler chocolate; milk chocolate, black chocolate, white chocolate and so on. The history of chocolate is very very insteresting and surprises me again and again! Thank Mister Cailler, for this brilliant invention – this sweet temptations will make the heart of any choco-lover beat faster ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

LaGruyere_1 LaGruyere_2someone was lazy on this day ^.^LaGruyere_3Let’s go! LaGruyere_4 LaGruyere_5LaGruyere_13 LaGruyere_6a lovely little town LaGruyere_11First visit: the Castle of Gruyéres LaGruyere_14LaGruyere_10 LaGruyere_15Little Sis and my lovely friend ♥ LaGruyere_16Group Shoot (*´▽`*) LaGruyere_17Inside the castle LaGruyere_7 LaGruyere_8 LaGruyere_9Next stop: the Museum of HR Giger LaGruyere_19Crazy art… LaGruyere_19aLaGruyere_12 LaGruyere_19bDo you recognize this creature? LaGruyere_19cLast stop: the chocolate factory Maison Cailler LaGruyere_25LaGruyere_30LaGruyere_24LaGruyere_20 LaGruyere_26Touch and smell LaGruyere_21the creation of cailler chocolate branches LaGruyere_22Tasting *mhmm* LaGruyere_23LaGruyere_28at the souvenir shop ;) LaGruyere_27 LaGruyere_29New on the Market!
Very cute packaging and delicious combination! LaGruyere_31Happy chocoholic me =) LaGruyere_32


2 responses to “Things to do in Gruyère | Day Trip Switzerland

  1. Ah so schön :D!! Da gseht mer mal was für cooli Sache mer i der Schwiiz so hend :)! Und yep, de Giger isch definitiv uf Droge gsi haha

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