Cupcake Affair Basel


Hi Sweethearts!

This will be a very sweeeeeet blog post (´∀`*)ノ On Saturday I met my friend in Basel. I absolutely wanted to go to the Cupcake Affair, since it has been a long long time ago, that I had a delicious cupcake from this awesome cupcake shop. May you remember that the very first Cupcake Affair opened in Zurich? The cupcake hype started around 4 years ago and I also made a small blog post about the shop in Zurich (see here). Their cupcake business seems to run very well, they opened a second shop in Bern and in the meanwhile, there is one in Basel! (I hope there will be one in Lucerne too!! I would become their regular customer *lol*)

Before we went to the Cupcake Affair, we had a short walk through the city. My lovely friend showed me around and he took me to the Botanical Garden, which was quite small but it was for free and you could even see some wild animals like tropical birds, turtles and eeeehh… little green dragons ヾ(>▽<)ゞ

After the visit at the Botanical Garden, we went straight to the Cupcake Affair. Well…. we had some difficulties to find it, because my friend’s navigation system on the phone didn’t work very smooth. The “blue point” on the map, which should have lead us to the shop, was jumping from one part to the other. We had to do some extra miles through the alleys, but this was actually a great opportunity to discover “new regions” of Basel, hihi ♪ Fortunately, we found the Cupcake Affair in the street called Spaltenberg 16. The shop was beautifully decorated. All the cupcakes looked awesome, which made the decision even more difficult. After long considerations, I finally went for a Daily Affair (Vanilla filled with Mango and Passion fruit topping), which is only available on Saturdays in January. My friend tried the Dark Passion (Chocolate with passion fruit topping). They both tasted heavenly *____*

After the sweet treat, we checked out the stores in Basel. Asia shops, game stores, comic shops and more. We also went to a shop, were you could buy Japanese Tatami mats, furniture and everyday objects.

I had an amusing day and it was nice to discover more about Basel than just the main shopping street. Thank you, my dear friend, for showing me around and arigatou for accompanying me to the Cupcake Affair! Mata aimashou~♥

Welcome to Basel!CupcakeAffairBasel_1 CupcakeAffairBasel_2 CupcakeAffairBasel_3 Off to the jungle…CupcakeAffairBasel_4 A cat says meow, a dog says woof and a Mokeke says… mokekeke??
I wonder what Mokeke really says *lol*!CupcakeAffairBasel_5birdie CupcakeAffairBasel_6can you see the little dragon ^.^? CupcakeAffairBasel_7 CupcakeAffairBasel_8So pretty! CupcakeAffairBasel_9Bananas~ CupcakeAffairBasel_10Tarzan… >w< CupcakeAffairBasel_11wohooo, long time no see, Cupcake Affair!CupcakeAffairBasel_12 CupcakeAffairBasel_13Look at the lamp :D CupcakeAffairBasel_14Very cute wall decoration! CupcakeAffairBasel_15 CupcakeAffairBasel_16 CupcakeAffairBasel_17 CupcakeAffairBasel_18 CupcakeAffairBasel_19mhmmm :) CupcakeAffairBasel_20daily affairs CupcakeAffairBasel_21 CupcakeAffairBasel_22Dark Passion & Daily Affair CupcakeAffairBasel_23 CupcakeAffairBasel_24My friend with my little Mokeke
Thank you for join me to the Cupcake Affair :D CupcakeAffairBasel_25and me with my “carrot” Mokeke *lol*CupcakeAffairBasel_26 CupcakeAffairBasel_27 CupcakeAffairBasel_28Japanese Living CupcakeAffairBasel_29 CupcakeAffairBasel_30I love Origami cranes CupcakeAffairBasel_31 CupcakeAffairBasel_32

4 responses to “Cupcake Affair Basel

  1. Hohoho チョー楽しかった!(^ム^)!今度Luzernで会おう!Und ich frage mich auch, was für Geräusche ein Mokeke so von sich gibt :P!

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