My first visit to the veterinarian

Dear readers from mihoshappylife!

It’s me *nyaa* Hana~ Long time no see! How are you all doing…? Hope you’re doing well than me. It all started one week ago. I caught a bad cat flu. Sneezing and cough made me feel weak so most of the time I spend at home with much sleep. On Sunday I even got an infected eye – my right eye swollen up so I had urgently go to the veterinarian the next day.

It was the first time in my life that I went to the doctor. I know that she was trying to help me, but I didn’t like the visit very much. She was touching my body, checking my eye and at the end I got two injections and many medications to combat the symptoms of cat flu.

In the meanwhile, I am getting better day by day. I am bravely taking my medications (including the eye drops, which is a hell for me) and I am finally ready to go out and enjoy the sunny days again.

wanna go home nyaaa! medicine for me


5 responses to “My first visit to the veterinarian

    • Take care mija vera! There are many people around me who are sick too. Guess it is the weather, snow – rain – sun… the changement makes one sick *lol*

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