Have Coffee with cute micro Pigs | Mipig Cafe Harajuku Japan

Tokyo is famous for its many animal cafés – could you imagine having coffee with cute little mini pigs? I have been to a micro pig café in Meguro (will post about it another time, promised!) with my sister on my last trip to Japan. It was one of the first pig cafés around Japan and we had a great experience there! Now, back in Tokyo, I realized that they opened up a new café in Harajuku, just next to the Takeshita Street (behind the ALTA shopping mall).

The mipig café is open daily from 10am. If you would like to visit it, you have to make an online reservation. You cannot visit the café spontaneously! The price per person is 1’000 Yen for 30min. I personally recommend you to stay at least one hour, but if you are uncertain, you can book a short slot and extend your time afterwards, if you would like to stay longer. There are some rules, which you have to take into account, so make sure to read them before you visit the café (also listed them up below).

If you arrive at the café (10min before your reservation time), you will need to deposit your shoes/non-important belongings in a small wardrobe. Furthermore, you have to wash your hands and then, you are ready for some coffee break in pig heaven! You will be seated at a table and get a blanket, which you can put on your legs. You should stretch your legs, so it will be easier for the piggys to cuddle with you. You are not allowed to hold the micro pigs as they get stressed, but they will come to you automatically and they love to take a nap just next to you! The staff told me that pigs are similar to dogs or cats and that they love it when you stroke them with your nails, since they have a thick skin. The café had pigs in all ages and colours and I really loved the eye-catching wood/forest themed design. Definitely worth a visit before your stroll around Harajuku or if you need a quick break from shopping!

Mipig Cafe Harajuku
Tokyo, Shibuya City, Japan
Jingumae, 1 Chome−15−4 Barbizon 76
+81 3 6384 5899

Opening Hours:
Friday & Saturday: 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 – 21:00

1000 yen per 30min/person (One drink order)

Online Reservation Required!

Before your Visit
You cannot visit the café when…
…you have been to countries where hog cholera has been identified (China, Mongol, Vietnam) within 2 days before visiting the cafe.
…you had contact with any pigs in Japan other than at mipig cafe within 2 days before visiting the cafe.
…you are not feeling well.

After the Booking
You should come to the café 10min prior to your reservation time.

In the Café
– Do not hold the micropigs as they get stressed.
– Stretch your legs out and wait for the micropigs to come to you.


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