Patreon Reward Tiffany Huynh: August 2021

Once upon a time… are you ready for some cute fairy magic? The August Happy mail from Tiffany was all about ‘Fairie Tales’! This theme almost reminded me of Disney Princess Snow White, where she sings with all the forest animals. Ribbons, butterflies, flowers – I hope this fairy tale setting will sprinkle a bit of fairy dust magic to you!

Patreon Membership: Happy Mail Club
16 $ per month (excl. VAT)

Exclusive themed happy mail with
– Art print/postcard
– sticker sheet (and/or) special stickers
– occasional surprises
– 10% off her shop (
(and other digital benefits)

Patreon Reward of Tiffany Huynh in August 2021 included:
– One Themed Postcard
– A Fairie Tale Sticker Sheet
– Cute Fairy Bunny Sticker

*For more Penpalling ideas, please check out my penpalling page.

Additional digital extras (sneak peek)

Patreon Memebership: Happy Mail Club $16


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