Instagram made me buy the glittery liquid eyeshadow from Dear Dahlia!

Have you ever bought something that naughty devil Instagram showed you in your feed or story? It is not the first time that Instagram made me buy things that I usually do not need… lol! Anyhow, I saw this sparkling and glittery looking eyeshadow popping up on my Instagram and I just could not resist trying it out myself. Some days later, my order arrived and I was super excited to test the liquid eyeshadow from Dear Dahlia, a vegan and cruelty-free Korean cosmetic brand. So was it really worth the money?

Paradise Shine Eye Sequins from Dear Dahlia
Shade Nr. 01 Actress (Platinum Gold & Opal Glitter)
Link: Official Site or Douglas (Switzerland)

Dear Dahlia has truly the prettiest and definitely the most instagrammable makeup packaging ever! My eyeshadow came in a high-quality & elegant look, I really enjoyed the golden details!

Since I always wanted to have a shimmery white eyeshadow, I give it 5 stars out of 5! The colour is georgeous and it is so so glittery (it could be more intense though)!

I paid around CHF 30 for this product, which I find quite expensive, almost at “luxury level”.

The eyeshadow was very easy to appply. It is not waterproof, but it dries very quickly and is totally smudgeproof. It stayed in place all day long. Unfortunately, the liquid reminded me of gluey glitter and it sadly got a bit clumpy on my eyelid… it looked ok, after I blend it out with my fingers.

All in all, I am quite happy with my purchase. I was looking for a glittery white eyeshadow for quite a long time, so I actually do not regret buying it. I wish, it would look more ‘bling bling’ like the Instagram video, but we all know that all those ads slightly differ from reality. I am probably not going to buy any new liquid eyeshadow from Dear Dahlia in the near future, but I would be keen to try out some of their other products.

I bought my eyeshadow at Douglas:


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