Patreon Reward Tiffany Huynh: July 2021

I am finally motivated to show you my Patreon Happy Mail from Tiffany Huynh, which I received in the second half of the year 2021! I have been so busy during summer because of work and I am very sorry that I will now spam you with this topic in the next couple of weeks. Tiffany’s art is so cute – it would be a pity if I did not show you her amazing artwork! So here is a flashback to July 2021, the theme of the month was ‘Farmers Market’, which was probably one of my favourite happy mail that I received from Tiffany so far!

Patreon Membership: Happy Mail Club
16 $ per month (excl. VAT)

Exclusive themed happy mail with
– Art print/postcard
– sticker sheet (and/or) special stickers
– occasional surprises
– 10% off her shop (
(and other digital benefits)

Patreon Reward of Tiffany Huynh in July 2021 included:
– 1x Farmers Market Postcard
– Lots of cute themed stickers!

*For more Penpalling ideas, please check out my penpalling page.

Additional digital extras (sneak peek)

Patreon Memebership: Happy Mail Club $16


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