Topdeck Tour: Jasper National Park

Today’s theme? Ice, ice baby! First, the world’s most scenic highway – the Icefields Parkway. Second, the Columbia Icefield – the largest ice cap south of the Arctic Circle. Third, a ‘Sno Coach’ tour of the Athabasca Glacier. I will never forget that we had snow (and not just a little!!) as soon as we arrived at Mistaya Canyon in the western part of the Canadian province of Alberta. Some of my travel colleagues came from countries (like Australia), so they were even more excited to see snow for the first time. We actually wanted to do the Glacier Snow Coach tour on our way to Jasper, but the weather was not good, so unfortunately, it has been cancelled at the beginning. Luckily, we could rebook the tour on the following day, where the weather was much much better. After the tour, we had some free time, where you could go on the Japser Skytram, visit museums, do a Spirit Island boat tour, horseback riding, canoeing, rock climbing or fishing. The Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. The area is full of wildlife, home to some of North America’s healthiest populations of grizzly bears, elk and moose along with thousands of species of insects and vegetation.

 Accommodation: Maligne Lodge Jasper

Topdeck Programme Jasper National ParkLook at this snow! Winter Wonderland Feeling great~ Our Glacier adventure got cancelled due to the bad weather My lunch – fries with sauce and cheeeeeese, was yummy! At Maligne Logde Jasper Welcome to Jasper Such a beautiful town! Look at these mountains! Second try – Galacier Adventure The weather was just perfect, so we could luckily do
the Glacier Snow Coach tour


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