Topdeck Tour: Kamloops – Whistler

The Topdeck tour is slowly coming to an end! Before we drove back to Vancouver city, we could enjoy our last few days in Kamloops and Whistler. We had a scenic drive with lots of stops in the Kamloops region and two free days in Whistler, where adrenaline junkies went zip lining, others (like me) went shopping, eating or took a walk in the woods. You probably won’t believe me, but I went on a relaxing (well it was at the beginning) walk with a friend at the Lost Lake Park. It was a nice park, where people were walking and we found a normal walking path into the woods, everything was peaceful until we saw a little BEAR just a few miles from us on the walking path – OMG. I saw bears may times at zoos or even in my country (there is bear park in Bern), but always with a barrier in-between, so my heart started to panic, haha. Nevertheless, we stayed calm and slowly went back to the main road and took a long break near the lake. Bears are NOT ferocious, which means that they are not mean or malicious, but they have to be treated with respect and always keep in mind some important rules when you encounter a bear. Bears are normally shy, retiring animals that have very little desire to interact with humans and they usually choose to avoid us. If you ever see a bear, avoid direct eye contact, don’t scream or yell and DO NOT RUN! There are also bear bells (we didn’t have one though), a small bell that you can attach on your backpack, waist belt or any other external piece of gear. Bear bells are not meant to scare a bear, they are designed to warn a bear. This was definitely a little scary but an exciting experience, however, I still prefer a barrier and save distance. This was one of my highlight in Canada, hahaha!

Accommodation: Acadian Motel Kamloops &Tantalus Resort Lodge Whistler

Rest Stopat the Painted Turtle We couldn’t see any turtles though, but they told us
that they are normally sunbathing on good days Kamloops Lake Arriving in Whistler Look at our last accommodation! Loved it so much! There is a Olympic Park in Whistler lunch time~ This Pie was so yummy!
Check out Gnarly Roots :)Dessert @ Cows Ice Cream Walking @ Lost Lake Park We saw a bear in the woods….
the scariest moment in my life >_<!  we saw this sign AFTER we met the bear *lol* …This is true!

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