Topdeck Tour: Kelowna – Golden Banff

Alright guys, let’s start with the Topdeck trip and discover the incredible nature of Canada! The tour took 11 days, where we visited the famous and breathtaking National Parks around Canada. Today, I am going to take you from Kelowna to Golden and Banff. So Kelowna is known for two things golf and grapes. Our first stop was therefore at Summerhill Pyramid Winery, where we had a lovely wine tasting! On our way to Golden, we had a short break at Log Barn 1912, a unique Agricultural farm – I will never forget the wooden goat walk and all the fancy characters in the farm. Last but not least, we visited the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre in Golden. The visit was a 10 – 15 minutes education introduction to the center and it was basically wolves in enclosures, nothing too exciting, but informative. During our trip from Kelowna to Banff, we always had a scenic bus ride and many breaks in pure nature, which was really impressive. More to come soon!

Topdeck Trip Name: Canadian Rockies 2017| 11 Days
Accommodation: Accent Inns Kelowna & Mary’s Motel Golden

This was our route:Topdeck Programme Kelowna – GoldenGolden – Banff Banff National Park Here we go!Fun Fact, for those who didn’t know that
Justin Bieber is from Canada ;) Break at the Blue Moose Coffee House in Hope Fancy Cinema! This place is called Hope Accent Inns KelownaPancake machine! I want one too, haha!Stop over @ Summerhill Pyramid Winery Wine tasting We had dinner @ the Wolf’s DenCheeeeese~ I am dying, it was so yummy!Log Barn 1912 Mary’s Motel Golden Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Center

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