Cat Cafe MOCHA Harajuku Store

When I am in Japan, I visit an animal cafe at least once! I am a big fan of the MoCHA neko cafe. There are approx. 10 cafés only in the Tokyo area and some stores in Osaka, Omiya or Nagoya. The interior has a classy and woody touch, which gives the café a pleasant atmosphere. I have visited MoCHA already in Shibuya before. You can check the blog post by clicking on this link here. Despite the fact that the cats are well treated and have their own private space, where nobody else than the staff can enter, I read some bad news on the net many years ago. The article was saying, that cats at MoCHA Tachikawa got sick because of a pravovirus, however, the manager told the staff to continue operating with the poor kitties. He even told them that he would work even if all cats dies!! Since then I was very sceptical to enter this cat cafe chain ever again. As I remember, the group apologized for this happening and the stupid manager got fired (and hopefully never work with animals again). There are many incapable people somewhere out there – at the wrong time at the wrong place – so I give it another try and I visited the MoCHA just next to Harajuku station (not the one at Takeshita Street). The cat looked healthy and not stressed, the café was as beautiful as the one in Shibuya. I still remember very well that it was just a few hours before we flew back home to Switzerland and we had an earthquake warning while we were sitting in the café. All Japanese phones were ringing on a maximum volume (Most of the Japanese people have a warning system on their phone)!! As you can imagine, my sisterand I were like ‘what the hell is going on’ and as well the cats could not understand what is happening and got scared of the sound, jumping around like crazy. The warning hold on just a few seconds and my mother shortly confirmed me via LINE that there has been an earthquake not that far away from Tokyo. We did not stay too long at the café and went to the airport earlier than planned. If there is any force of nature, I recommend you to move quickly as possible, because it might be that the public transport will stop for a while. In a nutshell, we had a wonderful last day with cats and all-you-can drink and we made it on time to the airport for our flight back home.

Cat Cafe MoCHA Harajuku
Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 1 Chome−14−25 クロスアベニュー原宿 4F
+81 3-6447-2665

Opening Hours:
10.00 – 20.00 (Last entry at 19.30)
Open all year round

¥200/10 minutes
¥350 for All-you-can-drink
¥500 for cat treats

Children between 6 and 12 years old can only enter with (parental) guidance


The cafe is just around the corner (next to Harajuku station)
You can see it ont he green sign (on the upper floor)Go to the 4th floor Take off our shoes and use the slippers It’s so pretty You can buy cat treats They are all so cute Can I take you all home – please? Mangas are available So bright and lots of woods!
Would love to have a room like this Awww Feeding time~


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