Himeji Castle

If you are travelling around the prefectures Tottori, Okayama, Kyoto or Hyogo, you can easily do a day trip to Himeji for the famous Himejijo. The Himeji Castle is a Japanese castle complex and due to its elegant white appearance, it is one of the most spectacular castle in Japan. It is a world heritage site and a national treasure. From Tottori station (or the other prefectures mentioned above) you can visit Himeji easily by bus within approx. 1h 50 min. You can buy the ticket directly at the bus terminal in Tottori station for 3’500 Yen (return on the same day). We took the bus early in the morning so that we arrived around 10 o’clock at Himeji station. The castle is very near from the station and can be comfortably reached by foot. The entry fee for the castle is 1’000 Yen for an adult. If you like, you can pay +50 Yen for a combination ticket so you can additionally visit the Koko-En garden park. We had the perfect weather for this day trip. It was could though, however we had a clear blue sky. You can see the castle from the inside (don’t forget to take off your shoes). After the Himejijo tour, we visited the little park nearby (Koko-En). I love the Japanese styled gardens! So pretty and unique in its own way. We finished our castle tour just around lunch time. We had a lovely dish at a restaurant called Usagi (it’s located near Himeji station) and afterwards we did some shopping before we went back home in the evening.

68 Honmachi, Himeji, Hyogo 670-0012, Japan
+81 79-285-1146

Adult: ¥1’000 (Combination with Koko-En Garden +50¥)
Children/Student under 18 y: ¥300 (Combination with Koko-En Garden +60¥)
Group of min. 30 p. (adult): ¥800
Group of min. 30 p (children): ¥240

Opening Hours:
09.00 – 16.00 (last entry 17.00)
27 April – 31 August: 09.00 – 17.00 (last entry 18.00)
Closed: 29/30 December



We got a return bus ticket for 3’500 Yen96 km left…Tired faces lol – it was early in the morningFrom Himeji station, it’s just a short walk to the castle We had the perfect weather for this trip! What are you beauties doing up there? There was a camera team filming something… Kadomatsu (Traditional New Year’s Decoration) You can buy tickets at the vending machine
Adult: ¥1’000 (Combination with Koukoen Garden +50¥)
Children <18: ¥300 (Combination with Koukoen Garden +60¥) We bought the combi ticket so we could visit
Himeji Castle and the Koko-En (garden park)Look at this pretty castle! This symbols… reminds me of Naruto You can go inside the castle The Koko-En park Koi fish everywhere! Traditional Japan After the tour we went back to Himeji station to have lunchWe went to the restaurant called Usagi Omakase Lunch Menu! The view from UNIQLO (at Himeji station) Look what I found at a souvenir shop
(it was vis-a-vis of Himeji Castle)Time to go back home


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