Amsterdam in Winter

Hello my friends,

I hope you are doing well and had a wonderful Christmas time! Unfortunately, we had zero snow in Switzerland and the weather is crazy as always (changing between sunny, cloudy, foggy and rainy), however I had a lovely time with my family and ate a lot during the past days. It still cannot believe that I could not spent Xmas with my precious friend… but life goes on. The festive season is just perfect for the upcoming blog post. Let’s turn back time to my Christmas trip in Amsterdam (many years ago…). My mother joined me to this journey. We booked a group tour, which included several sightseeing activities, dinner and a day trip to the enchanting underground caves in Valkenburg. It was one of the most beautiful and unique Christmas market, that I have visited so far! But I don’t want to give too much away yet – more to come soon.

Beside the magical caves, we had a lot of free time in Amsterdam. We visited the busy city centre for a little (window) shopping and of course we had to visit my favourite souvenir shop in the main street. To all geeks out there, don’t forget to visit POPCULT. It has a lot of cool stuff like Pokémon, Super Mario, Star Wars and more! Later on, we did a hop on hop off audio tour by bus. The bus is great – however, I would recommend you to do the canal tour instead, if it is your first time in the Netherlands! It is way more special than the bus and costs around 16€ for one hour. The days in Amsterdam went by very peaceful and relaxing – can’t wait to visit this city soon again!

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport We stayed at the Hotel Okura

Restaurants near our hotel strolling through the streets We had dinner at the Café Loetje 

  Back at the hotelThe breakfast selection was awesome!
You could choose between Japanese or Western style De Ruijter chocolate sprinkles First let’s do a city sightseeing! A day pass costs 21 EUR Amsterdam main station Amsterdam Experience – one of my favourite souvenir shop

How about fries? Popcult – a must for all geeks!

Nowadays they also have a Primark in the main street Sugar-overload! The red light district in Amsterdam
It is super crowded at night! Our favourite lunch spot:
Oud Holland

Enjoy typical Dutch cuisine here! Have you ever tried Hagelswag? Dutch pancakes Farewell dinner cruise on our last day The food was lovely! If you want to do a short trip, you can buy a
1-hour ticket for 2.90 EURAmsterdam at night


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