Maldives: Last Days in Paradise

My travel diary about my holidays in paradise is coming to an end. 10 days went by very quickly, even if it was an little island resort, where you couldn’t do any typical sightseeing or shopping. These holidays were different than all other holidays I had so far, but it was super relaxing and just perfect after a busy month at work. We ate a lot, swam a lot and I got an extremely brown tan, haha. We enjoyed our last day like any other day. We took some memorable photos in the sunset and had dinner in one of our favourite restaurant. A big thank you to my lovely friend who joined me to this amazing trip!! It was picturesque and the water was goddamn beautiful! Yes, it was overpriced, but it was still one of my ultimate travel experience – it felt like a whole new world – I will never forget my trip in paradise!

I enjoyed the sunset so much! It’s not only a destination for married people Farewell my lovely friend Thx to my girl, who made this trip possible! Yay!! Hakuna Matata


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