Lolita Winter Meeting – Kandersteg 2019

Hello sweet dolls!

It was Belle Epoque week in Kandersteg many weeks ago! As you know, I went on almost every year’s event – expect last year I had a little break – and it is still one of my favourite Lolita meetups. The programme was almost the same as every year: We met at the train station in the afternoon and checked out the hat exhibition at the Belle Epoque Hotel Victoria. Then we walked to the Waldhotel Doldenhorn, where we took some pictures until the opening of the Afternoon Tea with a nice fashion show. The weather was heavenly and so it was the sweet & savoury treats at the Waldhotel Doldenhorn. It is every year a highlight and I enjoy any minute with the lovely dolls. A big thank you to Lea, who always organizes this event for us all. Can’t wait to see you soon again!

Outfit of the day I was wearing circle lenses and fake lashes! Here we are in Kandersteg Belle Epoque Week So much snow and sunshine! Hat exhibition at the Belle Epoque Hotel Victoria Some went to the cheese shop :) Typically Swiss!

Ready for the afternoon tea :D But let’s take some pictures first! Here are some lovely pics from the dolls~ Thx Indra for taking the picture! And here comes the yummy part It was super good! And a sneak peek of the fashion show


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