Lolita Xmas Meetup – Hotel Schweizerhof Bern 2018

Hello sweet dolls!

Happy belated International Lolita Day! Some weeks ago, I have been to Bern for my last Lolita meet-up of this year. Anki organized a Christmas meet-up in Bern at the Hotel Schweizerhof. I have been there many times but just for a coffee or tea and I was super happy that we could stay there for a afternoon tea. The interior is beautiful – and was even more beautiful with all the Christmas decorations! We were around 20 people, which is a really big group cause we are normally around 6 to 8 people at the meet-ups, where I have been so far. We also had a lot of newbies, which was super nice (our community is growing, yay!).

So we met at the train station in Bern, walked to the hotel and enjoyed our sweet and savory plates with a nice pot of tea. We took pictures, had lovely conversations in German, English and French (Lolitas from everywhere, yay! :D) and later on some of the girls and boys played the popular Xmas game Secret Santa and exchanged their gifts. It was heavenly as always oh, and before I forget it, check out Jo’s Christmas video from our meet-up. You will find it at the end of this post!

Outfit and jewellery Let’s go! At the Hotel Schweizerhof

Their outfit was so christmassy!! Beautiful Christmas Tree Here it is!Looks delicious – was delicious! Savory plate and the sweet part Scones And here is the whole outfitPicture by JoThis dress reminded me of Harry Potter!
Want it so badly!Other dresses Love them all! Happy International Lolita Day!Enjoy Fluffy Kawaii Jo’s Christmas Video :)


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