Love with Pocky | 恋人はポッキー

Hello Sweethearts!

What would you do, if Pocky becomes your lover? I always say, in Japan, everything is possible! I am a huge Pockylover as well as a victim of kawaii Japanese packaging (people, who have already been to Japan, will probably understand). Could you resist to buy Pocky in combination of a cute Ikemen anime boy??? I couldn’t. I instantly fall in love. My heart told me: ‘Buy them all!’, haha. I managed to get almost every sort of the ‘Love with Pocky’ (恋人はポッキー) edition, expect of Nami-kun (chocolate milk flavour). I was even more surprised when I opened the package (yes, the inner values also counts ヾ(≧▽≦)). Before enjoying a sweet chocolate stick, you will be flooded with cute love messages. I really didn’t expect this. Furthermore, I was curious to know more about this special edition so I googled it and found out that you can do more than take a look at the lovely Pocky package. The boy on the package even turn to reality. Yes, I am serious! Just download the aug! – The impressed AR app and a handsome guy will tell you how cute you are. Check out the video below, if you still don’t trust me! Japanese are crazy, but innovative ^_^!!

Tsugihiko Kyogoku Koichiro Akazawa Kokoro Furuichi Kohei Mondo You can check their profile =) Chocolate (thin) flavour Chocolate (standard) flavour Strawberry Pocky Almond Crush If you download the Aug App,
the boys will talk to you! I tried it btw! ^_^

One response to “Love with Pocky | 恋人はポッキー

  1. So cool! I’d definitely try to buy them all too.
    I wonder if they will release a girls version someday… if that helps them to increase their sales, I don’t think it’s a bad idea XD

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