DIY Unicorn Latte

Hello Sweetheartsヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Unicorns became and are still trendy – some of you are probably like ‘oh nooo, not agaaaaain please’ and others are like ‘omg omg unicoooooorns!’ (I am one of those people who believe in unicorns lol). Nowadays, you can meet unicorn in several ways; in form of fancy gadgets, on cosmetic products, you can have unicorn printed clothing or unicorn-themed food – have you ever heard about unicorn meat? Sounds crazy, but you can buy it on Amazon… Ah yeah and I nearly forgot to mention the unicorn cafe, which is still on my wish list. I need to travel to Bangkok :D

I tried to make my own Unicorn Latte (ok, it is just a banana milkshake with pink food colouring, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles on it, haha) and it surprisingly turned out better than expected. It tasted really good and I wanted to share this simple recipe with you guys. I used:

– Frozen bananas
– (Soy) milk
– Whipped cream
– Food colouring (pink or red)
– Mini marshmallow, colourful sprinkles and rainbow belts as decoration on top

Just follow the pictures below or watch the video, the preparation is very easy! Good luck and stay magical ☆!

Let’s get started!
Here again, the ingredients I used:Get ready your glasses.
I recommend you to use transparent ones.
Bananaaaas! Cut them into small pieces and
freeze them before starting with the LatteSprinkles for the funny part :) I used soy milk, but normal milk works too Mix the banana together with soy milk Add food colouring I used pink and red Your milkshake is readyTop with whipped cream and colourful sprinkles! Don’t forget the rainbow belts! Enjoy!! ♡ No unicorn can resist this Latte :D Cheers :) Look at this…. Happiness is
…believing in unicorns ^_^


5 responses to “DIY Unicorn Latte

  1. Although I’m not really interested in all this unicorn trend, I must admit there’s a bunch of cool unicorn-inspired stuff. All these pastel-coloured drinks and clothing make me feel like going back to the nineties, which is nice.
    I think I’ll give this latte a try. I love Lucky Charms, so I’ll use the marshmallows as topping.

    • Hello Love!
      Haha, yes, everyone is going crazy about it. Every shop is producing stuff with unicorns.
      The latte was so easy, I have to try it again too. A latte with marshmallows mhmmm :)

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