10 Days in Japan: Jigokudani Monkey Park | Nagano


Day 6: Visiting the Jigokudani monkey park (地獄谷野猿公苑) in Yamanouchi (山ノ内) and the Zenkō-ji-temple in Nagano (長野)


10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-2Had rice with chestnuts for lunch, mhmmm! 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-3Meeting new friends 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-4Yay! 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-5Jigokudani Monkey Park10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-6

10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-725 minutes walk 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-8 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-910-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-27 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-11 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-10bhere we are 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-10 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-12 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-13bso many monkeys! 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-14 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-15some were taking a bath in the hot springs10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-16 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-17 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-18 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-19sleepy? 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-20 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-21 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-22 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-23 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-24this pose *lol* 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-25 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-26Next stop:
Zenko-ji Temple10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-28 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-29 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-30 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-31 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-32 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-33 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-34Omikuji おみくじ (fortune-telling paper strips)
Pay and choose one ^_^
女 is for ladies (right) and 男 for men (left)10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-35Yay, 大吉!! (Dai-kichi means great blessing)
It’s the best one you can have!

Great blessing (dai-kichi, 大吉)
Middle blessing (chū-kichi, 中吉)
Small blessing (shō-kichi, 小吉)
Blessing (kichi, 吉)
Half-blessing (han-kichi, 半吉)
Ending blessing (sue-kichi, 末吉)
Ending small blessing (sue-shō-kichi, 末小吉)
Curse (kyō, 凶)
Small curse (shō-kyō, 小凶)
Half-curse (han-kyō, 半凶)
Ending curse (sue-kyō, 末凶)
Great curse (dai-kyō, 大凶)10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-36They recommend you to keep the good fortune (for example in a wallet or purse). You can also tie your fortune paper to a tree
or pole just next to the temple, as I did. Especially the “bad” ones have to be left at the temple. Never take a bad fortune home with you!10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-37Ema 絵馬 are small wooden plaques.
Write your wish on these wooden plates and then leave them at the shrine. May your wish comes true :)10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-38 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-39Souvenirs…
and Mokeke again :))10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-40 10-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-4110-days-in-japan-yamanouchi-nagano-42

One response to “10 Days in Japan: Jigokudani Monkey Park | Nagano

  1. Wow it looks like you got so close to the monkeys and they’re so adorable! Are the stuffies you got various vegetables? Congrats on getting the best blessing!

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