10 Days in Japan: Fuji-Hakone-Izu-Nationalpark | Kamakura


Day 7: Trying to get a glimpse of the holy mountain Fuji-san and visiting the Hase-dera-temple in Kamakura (鎌倉)


10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-2 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-3Unfortunately, it was too cloudy so we could not see Fuji-san :( 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-4 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-5The cabins of HOSHINOYA Fuji.
10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-6 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-7Takoyaki10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-9 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-8Mokekekekekekekeee  10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-10 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-11In Kamakura
Visiting the Hase-dera temple10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-1210-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-17

10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-13 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-14Small Jizo statues everywhere – the guardian deity of children.
10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-15These Jizo statues represent the souls of miscarried,
stillborn or aborted children.10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-16  10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-18 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-19 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-20 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-21 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-22 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-23 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-24Happy Jizo 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-25 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-26Kōtoku-in:
Kamakura Daibutsu (Great Buddha of Kamakura)
10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-27from the inside 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-28Last stop will be Tokyo (゚▽^*)ノ 10-days-in-japan-fuji-kamakura-29

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