Mokeke Travel 13: Liechtenstein


Hello my friends from all over the world!

Last year, I had so much fun exploring Switzerland and the surrounding countries with my little monsters, so I decided to continue my Mokeke travels. In addition, it would be unfair to the other Mokeke, who had not been “abroad” yet ^.^

During my lifetime, I have been to every neighbouring countries of Switzerland – expect one: Liechtenstein! I managed to go to France, Italy, Austria and Germany and now finally to Liechtenstein. If you travel from Switzerland by public transport, the easiest way to get to Vaduz (the capital city) is by bus from Sargans. You can get there within 30 minutes. The bus station is called Vaduz, Post. From there you can easily walk from one spot to the other. The country itself is very small! The area is 160 km2 big (compared to Switzerland ~41’000 km2 or Japan ~380’000 km2) and they have a population of around 37’000. Standard German is the official language and the spoken language is an Alemannic dialect. The main currency is Swiss Francs, however, it is also possible to pay in Euro.

If it is your first time in Vaduz, I recommend you to visit the tourist office at first. It is very near from the bus station. You can grab a free brochure and map and if you still need some more information, just ask the friendly staff there. Here are some highlights from Liechtenstein (source:

  • Vaduz Castle – Medieval castle, the landmark of the Principality of Liechtenstein and residence of the Princely Family. No visits possible.
  • Treasure Chamber – The museum exhibits highlights like the crown, the Apple Blosssom Egg of Fabergé and original moonstone collected by the Apollo 11 and 17 missions.
  • Postal Museum – Documents and devices from postal history, rare Liechtenstein and foreign stamps. Free admission.
  • Hilti Art Foundation – State museum of international modern and contemporary art.
  • Städle, the town centre of Vaduz – The center and promenade in Vaduz, modern attractive pedestrian zone with shops, restaurants, hotels and museum.
  • Red House – From the 15th century with winepress extension from the 17th century. Private residence.
  • National Museum – The museum shows the archaeology, history, art, culture as well as the natural history of Liechtenstein.
MokekeTravel13_50breakfast in the train MokekeTravel13_49Here we go MokekeTravel13_48From Sargans (Switzerland) it takes about 30min
by buy to Vaduz, Post (Liechtenstein)MokekeTravel13_47The government building MokekeTravel13_46 MokekeTravel13_45 MokekeTravel13_42Liechtenstein ^_^MokekeTravel13_43The tourist officeMokekeTravel13_65You need some information? Check out this brochure!  MokekeTravel13_41 MokekeTravel13_40Pencils! Aren’t they cute? MokekeTravel13_39 I recommend you to grab this free map
from the tourist office! It’s very useful.MokekeTravel13_37Btw, the tourist office is very near from the bus station
National MuseumMokekeTravel13_35Postal Museum MokekeTravel13_34Liechtenstein Art Museum MokekeTravel13_33Souvenir shops MokekeTravel13_32lunch time at the Restaurant EngelMokekeTravel13_31Käsespätzle!! OMG, it was so good!MokekeTravel13_30
Town Hall MokekeTravel13_29 MokekeTravel13_28 MokekeTravel13_27The red house MokekeTravel13_26 MokekeTravel13_25Let’s go a bit higher MokekeTravel13_24 MokekeTravel13_23the weather was awesome! MokekeTravel13_22time for a picture MokekeTravel13_21oh, wait a minute… MokekeTravel13_20…and a picture with my little friend ^.^ MokekeTravel13_19Liechtenstein
A lovely country between Switzerland & Austria MokekeTravel13_18

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