How to use Loppi


Hi everyone~

Here is a short step by step instruction for how to use a Loppi machine in Japan. You can buy various tickets for sports, concerts, musicals, museums and more. I had to use this machine since I wanted to visit the Ghibli Museum in Mikata (stay tuned for the next blog post ^.^). You have to buy a reserved ticket in advance, otherwise you can’t visit the Ghibli Museum! It is possible to get reservation tickets at specific travel agencies in some countries (unfortunately, not available in Switzerland) or from the Loppi machine in Japan. You can find Loppi at almost every LAWSON convenience store. It’s a red machine just next to the entrance/cashier. The following pictures will show you what you have to do to finally get a (Ghibli) ticket.

Loppi_1 Loppi_2 Loppi_3 Loppi_2a Loppi_4 Loppi_5 Loppi_6 Loppi_7Loppi_uLoppi_9 Loppi_10 Loppi_11 Loppi_12 Loppi_13 Loppi_14 Loppi_15 Loppi_16

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