How to visit the Ghibli Museum Mitaka | Japan Travel Diary


Hi Sweeties!

So before I flew back to Japan, I spent some more days in Tokyo. Beside shopping, I wanted to visit the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. Don’t forget to book your ticket early in advance, the tickets are sold out very quickly! Furthermore, you have to buy the ticket at a specific travel agency in your country (if available) or at a Loppi machine at the Lawson convenience store in Japan. I just made a step-by-step instruction of how to use Loppi some weeks ago, if you need any help.

My favorite movie is Howl’s Moving Castle, by the way! Which one do you like the most ^_^??

GhibliMuseum_1at Mitaka station GhibliMuseum_2GhibliMuseum_4 GhibliMuseum_3You can easily walk to the museum GhibliMuseum_5Here we go GhibliMuseum_6 GhibliMuseum_7 GhibliMuseum_8 GhibliMuseum_9 GhibliMuseum_10 GhibliMuseum_11 GhibliMuseum_12From outside GhibliMuseum_13 GhibliMuseum_14 GhibliMuseum_15 GhibliMuseum_16Selfie with Totoro ♥ GhibliMuseum_17And my little souvenir :D
I love Jiji!!GhibliMuseum_18

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