Owl Cafe Hakata | Fukuro no Mise – Owl Family: Coffee, Owls and Fun


Let me introduce you another unique cafe in Japan. I already know that you can find all kind of themed cafes with famous characters, Animes, animals or maids in Japan. However, it was the first time that I heard about an owl cafe! Seriously, I am not kidding, there are cafes in Japan, where you can meet and greet real owls! During the school lessons we chat about maid and neko cafes. My school friend then told me that there is an owl cafes in Hakata. I definitely wanted to go there before leaving Fukuoka, so I asked my Japanese friend if she would love to join me to this cafe. (She is from Fukuoka, but even she has never heard about the owl cafe *lol*)

The owl cafe is called フクロウのみ (Fukuro no Mise) and it is located just next to the Kushida Shrine in Hakata. The nearest station is the Nakasukawabata station, from there it is only 5 minutes by foot. They have fixed starting hours (every full hour from 11:00 ~ 19:00). Just a certain number of people can visit the cafe so go there early enough or ask for reservation. A drink at the cafe costs 1’000 Yen (~8 USD), alcoholic drinks were 1’200 Yen (~10 USD). It looks pricy but the entrance fee is kind of included, so I personally think it isn’t that expensive. A staff explained the rules how to behave in front of the owls. Afterwards we could touch and have a look at the cute birdies. The small ones you could put on your head or on your shoulder or arm. For the big ones you had to put on gloves and it was only allowed to put them on the arm (cause of their claws). The cafe was absolutely worth it and may I should have a look at the owl cafe in Osaka, since my main travel destination is Kansai.

Owl Cafe | Fukuro no Mise Hakata
4-211 Kamikawabatamachi, Hakata Ward
812-0026 Fukuoka, Japan
+81 6-6360-6205

Opening Hours:
Unfortunately, it is permanently closed

OwlCafe_2 OwlCafe_3outside of the cafe OwlCafe_4the drink menu: OwlCafe_5 OwlCafe_6inside the cafe (upstairs) OwlCafe_7 OwlCafe_8 OwlCafe_9inside the cafe (downstairs) OwlCafe_10 OwlCafe_11You can’t touch the owls in the green zone!
They need some break.OwlCafe_12this one looked so cute >w< OwlCafe_13This one was having a napOwlCafe_14So elegant!
Remembering Hedwig from Harry Potter ^.^OwlCafe_15this owl was like…..
“don’t touch me?!!” xD
OwlCafe_16 OwlCafe_17say cheese!! :D OwlCafe_18Me like: Smile~
Owl like: OMG!!
hahahaaOwlCafe_19 OwlCafe_20 OwlCafe_21OwlCafe_1

フクロウのみせ 博多店

Fukuro no Mise Hakata
Fukuokashi Hakataku Kamikawabata-chō 4-211
***permanently closed***


5 responses to “Owl Cafe Hakata | Fukuro no Mise – Owl Family: Coffee, Owls and Fun

  1. This is so cute!
    Owls are fascinating animals. Thanks for sharing your pics, they’re very nice.

  2. Omg, I can’t even!!! *___*
    Die Eulen sind so süß und ich glaube ich würde sterben dafür, wenn ich auch mal in ein Eulencafé könnte. XD Neid Neid Neid! :3

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