Things to do in Fukuoka


Hi everyone! ( ・∀・)ノィョ-ゥ

Here comes a short review about the things you can do in Fukuoka. The city is big and there are plenty of things you could in this area! I only stayed for two weeks and had school so, I couldn’t do everything what Fukuoka really offers. However, here are some activities I did:

 1) Tenjin Underground Shopping

You can find numerous of shops and restaurants at the Tenjin underground shopping mall!
Link > 天神地下街 (Tenjin Chikagai)

Fukuoka_UndergroundShoppingFukuoka_UndergroundShopping2The station from outside: (Nishitetsufukuoka)TrainStation1 TrainStation2) Shintencho Shopping Street

Just in front of to the Tenjin station you can discover a  shopping street called Shintencho.
Link > 新天町 (Shintencho)

Fukuoka_Shintencho3) Game Center Taito Station

When you are looking for entertainment, you will definitely find it in a Japanese Game Center! There are two just next to Tenjin station/Shintencho. Don’t forget to taste one of the delicious crepes from “Crepe de Girafe” – it’s just in front of the G-center.
Link > Taito Station
Link > Crepe de Girafe


4) Tenjin Core

The Tenjin Core is the Shibuya 109 of Fukuoka! Fashion, bags, jewelry… you will find almost every shop like the ones at Shibuya 109. This was my Nr. 1 shopping heaven in Fukuoka >w<
Link > 天神コア(Tenjin Core)

TenjinCore…so many floors!! OMG!TCoreTenjinCore1Let’s try some clothes…
I bought red skirt by the way ^.^TenjinCore2more pretty dressesTenjinCore3A shop full of Korean fan gifts… TenjinCore4TenjinCore5Japanese are crazy xDTenjinCore6

5) Marinoa City

I recommend you to go and have a look at Marinoa City! It is the largest outlet mall in Kyushu and lies just next to the sea.
Link > マリノアシティ福岡 (Marinoa City)

MarinoaCityMarinoaCity2MarinoaCity3Lucky me!!!! There was a LIZ LISA Outlet store *_*MarinoaCity4MarinoaCity5

6) Pochi

My friend from Fukuoka showed me this lovely bar. It is nice furnished and the food was delicious too! The owner (see picture below) also speaks a bit English ^_^
Link > 博多のバル-ポチ


7) Canal City

Canal City Hakata is a large shopping and entertainment complex, calling itself a “city within the city”. Attractions include about 250 shops, cafes and restaurants, a theater, game center, cinemas, two hotels and a canal running through the complex. (
Link > キャナルシティ博多 (Canal City Hakata)
PS. You will also find a Moomin Cafe there!!! Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to go there T_T
Link > Moomin Cafe&Bakery


8) Kushida-Jinja

If you like Japanese shrines, take a look at the Kushida shrine in Hakata. I have been there with my Japanese friend before we went to the Owl Cafe.
Link > 櫛田神社 (Kushida Jinja)
KushidaJinjaKushidaJinja1Flying or swimming bunnies..?KushidaJinja2KushidaJinja3KushidaJinja4Fortune Slip. Mine was Lucky wohooo :DKushidaJinja5

9) Owl Cafe

I am pretty sure that you guys heard about a Neko Cafe or Maid Cafe! But an Owl Cafe?!!! My school friend told me about this unique Cafe in Hakata.
Separate blog post will follow soon ^o^
Link > フクロウのみせ (Fukurou no Mise)


10) Neko Cafe

A must for all catlovers :D
At class I talked about my first visit at the Neko Cafe in Japan and during the conversation my teacher told me that there is one just near the station called Keurig. I definitely had to go there before leaving Fukuoka.
Separate blog post will follow soon ^o^
Link > 猫カフェ キューリグ (Neko Cafe Keurig)

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2 responses to “Things to do in Fukuoka

  1. Wow! Definitely there are lot’s of things to do there.
    The owl cafe looks great, Japanese creativity will never cease to amaze me. I wonder if there’re other wild animals cafes out there…
    Someday, when I visit Japan, I’ll surely go to the Moomin cafe. It was one of my favourite cartoons when I was little. It’s super cute!
    And about those shoes… I’m like… ehm… how in the world do they walk on them without breaking their ankles???? O.o

    • Hahah, yes, you will find everything crazy or cute on this island xD I adore Moomin too, they are so sweet! Oh, don’t talk about Japanese fashion – everything is possible there *lol*

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