Homestay in Fukuoka


Hi everyone!

Let’s move on with the main reason why I went to Japan last autumn. As you may remember, I started taking Japanese lessons in Switzerland around April 2014 so that I finally can do the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT/Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken). I planned to make holidays in Japan anyway so I combined it with a short language stay in Fukuoka. Fukuoka lies in Kyūshū (九州), which is one of the four main island of Japan. I have never been in Kyūshū before! I mostly spend my holidays in Tottori, Osaka or Toyko so I was even more excited to get to know this area. After two nights spending in Tokyo, I took a domestic flight (ANA) from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka. Arriving at Fukuoka Airport, I took the train to Tenjin, the central area of the city. Tenjin has great accessibility to many places whether by bus or by train.

So from Tenjin it was another 30min train ride until I reached the village where my host mother lived. At first, the place reminded me of the village where my relatives live. It made me feel as if I was going to meet my grandmother *lol*. After a 5~10 minutes’ walk I finally arrived at my homestay family. My host mother warmly welcomed me to Fukuoka. She was very surprised and relieved at the same time because I could speak Japanese fluently. She told me that her English isn’t that good, however she could speak Spanish very well (eeeh… but I don’t understand any Spanish xD). She is such a lovely person and I loved her cheerful personality. She also treated me like a king, which you will see in the upcoming blog post (゚∇^*) I had such a great time with her and I experienced two wonderful weeks full of fun and laughter! I miss the moments we had together and I hopefully can visit her, when I am back in Fukuoka someday again.

FukuokaHomestay_3 FukuokaHomestay_6  waiting for my flightFukuokaHomestay_5Mapo Doufu! (hot tofu) mhmmm! FukuokaHomestay_4OMG, Funassyi goods at the airport!!! ふなっしー♥  FukuokaHomestay_1Selfie with Funassyi (*^^)v FukuokaHomestay_2The village where my host mother lives…FukuokaHomestay_7      Arriving at the apartment (^^♪FukuokaHomestay_9She would kill me, if she knew that I secretly took a photo xD FukuokaHomestay_8She loves decorations from overseas!FukuokaHomestay_10BalconyFukuokaHomestay_11Sakura!!! Ah, I miss you too T_TFukuokaHomestay_12FukuokaHomestay_13awww >w<FukuokaHomestay_14she was adorable ^_^FukuokaHomestay_15 FukuokaHomestay_16

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7 responses to “Homestay in Fukuoka

  1. Spanish? It’s amazing to know that someone in Japan speaks my native language with fluency, as it’s a very uncommon language there.
    How did you find your host family? Do they work in coordination with the Japanese school you went to, or do they run a hosting business?

    • I was surprised too, I never thought that she would speak Spanish? She told me that she was there when she was a kid and came back to Japan after some years. According the host family, the Japanese Genki School organised it for me.

  2. Wow sounds very interesting & fun time staying in a village.
    Singapore bring a vibrant city, I would want to experience living in a village. It would be marvellous if anyone can connect me with the local there who can speak Japanese & I can live & know the culture & lifestyle. I’m willing to take 2 weeks leave to spend my fruitful time .

    Please help.

    Many thanks & God bless,

    • Hi Linda!
      May you can try a language stay as I did? It is a great way to meet people from all over the world and since most of them are already there, they can show you great places. Rountrips makes fun as well, I did one two years ago. May you will find an online plattform where you can make friends with Japanese people. Since I live in Switzerland, I cannot show you around…

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