Things to do in Portugal | Travel Diary

Uff, I finally finished editing the holiday photos~ *yay* As usual, I took too many pictures *g* so that’s why I am going to show you just the highlights of my journey. Are you ready for my travel diary about Portugal? Then let’s discover the west part of Europe! Hmmm… where should I start? (。・ε・`。) Actually, I never thought that I would go to Portugal this year until my Portuguese friend asked me, if I would like to join him and his girlfriend to their homeland. I wasn’t sure if I should say yes or no, because March isn’t the best time for me to take days off – I have heaps of work and preparations to do during this period, but since my boss confirmed my vacations, I finally said YES. (*≧▽≦)bb So our journey started on Friday, 14 March 2014 at Basel Airport. It was the first time that I left Switzerland from Basel. My standard airport is in Zurich. In addition, it was also the first time that I booked a flight with Easyjet (I normally don’t fly Easyjet… I feel quite insecure ( ̄□ ̄#)). Well, the flight ticket was very very cheap, BUT, for your suitcase you have to pay extra (60 CHF = ~50$ for one baggage of 20kg) and during your flight you won’t get any snacks or drinks for free. Everything has to be paid extra. Honestly, I am not a big fan of this low cost carrier… (¬O¬`)

Anyway, we had a busy program in Portugal: Visiting friends and family of my Portuguese friend, we went to Freita’s mountain, visited Coimbra, enjoyed some hours at Porto and even had a day trip to Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. Eating and sightseeing were our main activities. へ(´∀`へ)

I had a wonderful week and enjoyed every single day in this beautiful country. At this point, I would like to thank my lovely companions for showing me all the magnificent places in Portugal! I would definitely be lost without their assistance. Thank you so much! ♥

PS. some of the pictures were made by my friend Helder ~ thank you for sharing some of your pictures!

Random photos of Portugal:
This dog was sooooooo cute *o*
Freita’s mountain ~ Serra da Freita
OMG, look at this landscape! Amazing!
Cabo da Roca ~ Lisbon
my friend loves to take pictures I could stand here and listen to the sea all day long…here are more picutres of the sea…
My friend, capturing the sunset…
↓ ↓ ↓ this was the result! ↓ ↓ ↓
yummy moments (*⌒―⌒*) sweet speciality from Porutgal: Pastel de Nata

I will miss this!!!! Chocolate pizza (。*‸*。)♡
I don’t know how this is called,
but my friend’s Mum is a great cook!
Enjoyed her dishes so much!
Souvenirs from Portugal

Pastry fom Sintra, mhmmmm :)They had a wide range of Lipton teas!
Jup, I bouhgt a lot, right? hahahaa xD~~~


2 responses to “Things to do in Portugal | Travel Diary

  1. Freut mich total, dass du eine tolle Woche in Portugal verbracht hast. ♥ Die Bilder sind auch richtig richtig schön und machen mich glatt ein bisschen neidisch. ;)
    Omg, chocolate pizza??? *Q* Ich glaub allein deswegen muss ich auch mal nach Portugal. xD
    Und ich bin auch schon zwei mal mit easy jet nach Italien geflogen. Ich finde, wenn man weiß, worauf man sich einlässt und der Flug nicht so lang ist, dann geht’s gerade noch so. xD” Schön ist aber auch was anderes, dafür sind die Flüge halt billig.

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