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Hi everyone!

Here comes my travel post about my stay in Paris! Even if the weather was changing from one day to another (sometimes we had sunshine and on the next day we had freezy rainy days), enjoyed this famous part of France very much. I booked a room at the Hôtel Saint Sébastien, which is a cheap 2-star hotel, but it was super near to the Bataclan concert hall, where Kyary Pamyu Pamyu rocked her concert on Friday evening (There will be a separate blog post about KPP’s concert). Paris has a very good metro network, so you can easily move from one spot to the other. One day I spend at the high-end department stores like Galaries Lafayette and Printemps. From the outside it didn’t look special at all, but inside itI was really really fascinating. The heart of Galaries Lafayette was very breathtaking and the range of clothes, bags, cosmetic, jewellery was like a never ending story. Beside shopping I went on a sightseeing tour with ParisCityVISION (you can book tickets online) on Saturday morning. It was raining and cold on that day but luckily, I could stay in the bus. Another advantage of this tour was that there was one ticket for the Eiffel Tower and one for the cruise included. Especially at the Eiffel Tower, I was very happy that I booked this sightseeing tour, because you could directly go inside without standing in line. You had a great view from Paris on the Eiffel Tower, but to be honest, I love the Eiffel Tower from a distance instead from near. Furthermore, it was so windy, rainy and damn cold, I suddenly lost interest to stay some more minutes longer on the Eiffel Tower. Anyhow, I was very happy to see this landmark of Paris.

I took the airplane to ParisCharles de GaulleYou can easily reach the central part of Paris by train.
The ticket costs about 10 € (~14$)
Traveling with Mokeke ^_^
At the Hôtel Saint Sébastien

Mhmmm, mussels with cheeeese!Cute cans! I bought the pink one with grapefuit taste :)Yaaay, Macarons! Sending postcards to my beloved friends
Shopping >w<Galeries Lafayette wuaaah! so beautiful! Sightseeing with PARISCityVISIONArch of TriumphThe ticket for the Eiffel Tower


4 responses to “Things to do in Paris, France | Travel Diary

  1. Wow! Galeries Lafayette looks awesome! And the macarons, they look so delicate and sweet!

  2. Dank deines Posts möchte ich jetzt auch unbedingt nach Paris. *__*
    Die Bilder vom Eiffel Turm und der Galerie Lafayette sind super. *_*♥
    Der Macaron sieht irgendwie echt riesig aus und soo lecker. >w< Und ich find's toll, dass Mokeke überall mit hin kommt. :D

    • Paris war toll, nur schade dass es beim Eiffelturm geregnet und gestürmt hat… war nicht besonders angenehm.

      Hihi, ja, Mokeke ist mein treuer Reisebegleiter geworden :D

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