Happy Birthday Hana: 2 Years!

Hi everyone!

Since we got a new family member two years ago, Valentine’s Day is not only a loovie doovie event anymore ^.^ Yup, it’s Hana’s Birthday today! My freaky little sweetheart is becoming 2 years *wohooo*! On the one hand, she became quite adult (she does not destroy the cables at home anymore, she goes on dates with other cats and she is more relaxed and sometimes lazy *g*) but on the other hand, she is still a little kid (she loves to cuddle, she still likes to play with cords or toys and even if she looks innocent, she can become a crazy little monster *lol*). For this special event, I prepared the long-awaited video of Hana! I collected all the highlights during the last two years. Have fun watching the video:

Can you imagine, that she was sooo small?

by Linriel

2 Years later…


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