Neko Café & Kaiyukan Aquarium Osaka

Hi there! I am so sorry for the lack of my travel diary. I was rarely at home before 10 p.m. this week, so I couldn’t continue it. Anyway, it is Friday and I don’t have to get up early tomorrow so let’s continue with the second last post about my journey in Japan. There is just one more left and afterwards I can finally write some current happenings about my life, since my holiday-blablaaa about Japan is getting a bit long and old ^.^”

Third week Japan, Osaka:
During our stay in Osaka, we went to see some very cute animals! Once we had a coffee break at a Neko Café and on another day we went to my favourite Aquarium: Kaiyūkan.

The Neko Café (it is called Nyantsume) was a sweet experience and I enjoyed our stay with many kawaii cats. For one hour we paid 1’000円 (~9.70 $ / ~8.50 CHF), one drink was included and we additionally got a small box filled with snacks for the cats.

With my BFF I spend half a day at the Kaiyūkan Aquarium. My Mum took us often to this Aquarium since we were kiddies and I still continued to go there to say Hello to the whale sharks. The Aquarium is located in Osakako and is easily reachable with the train from Osaka Namba. I also recommend you to have a look at the shopping center just next to the Kaiyūkan Aquarium. There are some nice shops and restaurants, which offers fun and amusement for everyone :)

Neko Cafe Nyantsume

so cute nya!! play with me ヾ( ^-x-^) awwww isn’t he cute?? >o< snacks for the cats ^.^ Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan I envy these school kids – we never went to
a zoo or an aquarium during our lessons -__-Oh my goodness! The famous whale shark kawaiii!
I want to take it home hahaaLook how happy my BFF is looking at the seals xDYou also can touch little sharks and rays


4 responses to “Neko Café & Kaiyukan Aquarium Osaka

  1. Herzlichen Dank für deinen Kommentar! ^-^

    Omg, cat café. *__* <3 Wenn ich noch mal nach Japan kommen sollte, werde ich auf jeden Fall auch in eins gehen. Aber sowas von! xD
    Und die Seehunde im Aqarium waren wirklich süß. ;0;

    Werde dir ab jetzt followen, dein Blog sieht nämlich wirklich interessant aus. ^^


  2. Wow, wie cool! * ^ * Wie auch die liebe lovepirate finde ich deinen Blog insgesamt sehr interessant ; o ; ♥♥ (weshalb ich dir jetzt auch folge) ^^

    Zu deinem Kommentar: Vielen Dank! Hehe ~ Der Harajuku Fashionwalk in Düsseldorf mag schon ganz nett sein, jedoch kann der wohl kaum mit dem in Tokyo mithalten ^^’ Und bei deiner Japanreise wirst du wahrscheinlich auch vielen derartig bekleideten begegnet sein :D ♥

    Liebste Grüße! ~

    • Uaaah, danke liebe Ovo-chan ♥
      Hihi, jaaa, was Fashion und Co. betrifft, da sind die Japaner praktisch unschlagbar >w< Man findet dort einfach alles~! Und umherwandern, ohnen von den Leuten schräg angestarrt zu werden – einfach ein Traum ^^

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