Tokyo Station Character Street

Did you know that there is a very cool Character Street at the train station in Tokyo? No?! Now you do ^.^ Actually everything started with the souvenir for my sister’s boyfriend. She needed to find a どーもくん Domo-kun plushie, cause he urgently wanted to have one. Since NHK is located around Tokyo/Shibuya, it shouldn’t be difficult to find their mascot… but it wasn’t that easy as we thought. We looked everywhere, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find Domo-kun. At the end we asked at a tourist information office for Domo-kun and the friendly hostess refer us to the Character street at Tokyo station. At the Character Street you can find a lot of cute accessories like Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Rascal, Rilakuma etc. etc. and the Donguri Garden offers many different Ghibli stuff.

Furthermore, there are many many exciting shops underground. Souvenir shops, clothing stores,  restaurants, cafés and more! It is worth to walk and have a closer look around the train stations in Japan. Otherwise you will miss some really cool shops!

たい焼き”鉄次” Taiyaki Tetsuji!
The perfect and yummy souvenir for my Mum!I saw a lot of pictures of these banana cakes
on other blogs and instagram.
They look cute, but I didn’t buy them….Here is the Character Street I told you about:Domo-kun ꒰●´3`꒱~♪ Ghibli Paradise (*´◕ω◕`*)


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