Meeting Hachiko at Shibuya station

Here comes another random post of our stay in Shibuya. During the first days it was often raining (typhoon season). The bad weather was a good excuse to stay inside the shopping malls or game centers *lol*. For the first time I met Hachikō in front of the train station of Shibuya. Somehow it was cute, but for those who know the real story behind this statue, it was actually very sad. I didn’t only met the loyal Akita dog of Tokyo – I also met Yi Chen from Singapore, a regular reader of my Blog :) It was by coincidence that we both were travelling around Tokyo at the same time. On Tuesday we met for dinner and had a blast at the game center (He was in Japan for the first time, so I had to show him, how to use a Purikura machine. Arigatou, Yi Chen, for always reading and liking my blog posts and thank you so much for the pretty souvenir from Singapore! (,,>◡<,,) I love the little snowball so much! You have to show me around, when I am in Singapore the next time ^.^

Ehmm… what else did I do in Shibuya.. ah yes, I went to the hairdresser’s. This is a must-do for me, when I am in Japan. On the one hand, it is much cheaper than in Switzerland and on the other hand, they cut my hair perfectly without any much explanation. Swiss people are unable to create a layered hairstyle!!! WHY?! In addition, I got my bangs back after three years. Haha, and do you guys know what my sister told me after I got my bangs? Why couldn’t you wait to cut them until we get back to Switzerland?? >>Since 80% of Japanese people have bangs, it was difficult for my sister to recognise me, hahaha. There were moments, where she was talking to strangers, because she thought it was me, hahhaahaaa 。。゚(゚^∀^゚)゚。。ギャーハッハッハッハ !!

Ok, enough written… below are some photos of the first few days in Shibuya.

The next day after the stormy typhoon… o___ÖRainy days I don’t want to change my job with him…. >o<Hachiko! Hachiko at nightYi Chen – Me – my SisFunny piggy race *g*ok…UFO Catcher is addicting! I got two Rilakumas! Off to the hairdresser’sBack to bangs! Alice drink (❛◡❛)


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