Meeting Hachiko at Shibuya station

Here comes another random post of our stay in Shibuya. During the first days it was often raining (typhoon season). The bad weather was a good excuse to stay inside the shopping malls or game centers *lol* (¬ -̮ ¬). For the first time I met Hachikō in front of the train station of Shibuya. Somehow it was cute, but for those who know the real story behind this statue, it was actually very sad. ( iдi ) I didn’t only met the loyal Akita dog of Tokyo – I also met Yi Chen from Singapore, a regular reader of my Blog :) It was by coincidence that we both were travelling around Tokyo at the same time. On Tuesday we met for dinner and had a blast at the game center (He was in Japan for the first time, so I had to show him, how to use a Purikura machine (๑´ڡ`๑). Arigatou, Yi Chen, for always reading and liking my blog posts and thank you so much for the pretty souvenir from Singapore! (,,>◡<,,) I love the little snowball so much! You have to show me around, when I am in Singapore the next time ^.^

Ehmm… what else did I do in Shibuya.. ah yes, I went to the hairdresser’s. This is a must-do for me, when I am in Japan. On the one hand, it is much cheaper than in Switzerland and on the other hand, they cut my hair perfectly without any much explanation. Swiss people are unable to create a layered hairstyle!!! WHY?! (。>。<。)ウッー In addition, I got my bangs back after three years. Haha, and do you guys know what my sister told me after I got my bangs? Why couldn’t you wait to cut them until we get back to Switzerland?? >>Since 80% of Japanese people have bangs, it was difficult for my sister to recognise me (๑Ő௰Ő๑)  There were moments, where she was talking to strangers, because she thought it was me, hahhaahaaa 。。゚(゚^∀^゚)゚。。ギャーハッハッハッハ !!

Ok, enough written… below are some photos of the first few days in Shibuya.

The next day after the stormy typhoon… o___Ö

Rainy days

I don’t want to change my job with him…. >o<


Yi Chen – Me – my Sis

Funny piggy race *g*

I got two Rilakumas!
UFO Catcher is addicting!

Off to the hairdresser’s

Reading some magazines, while she was cutting my hair…


Alice drink (♥❛◡❛♥)

and here are the Purikura, which we took in Tokyo ^^

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