Serbia | Belgrade in 3 days

Good evening world!

I arrived back safely in Switzerland on Monday evening. I had a great stay in the capital city of Serbia; Belgrade. Oh right, I didn’t tell you about my intention to visit this country yet, right? Well, it was a short vacation trip with my school mates to celebrate the end of our academic year. Yes baby – I did it!! Two weeks ago I finally received a confirmation e-mail telling me that I passed my study! I was so relieved and happy~ This Friday will be the graduation ceremony and I will became a certified tourism specialist *wohoo*.

So back to my trip to Serbia: I ate, saw, laughed and celebrated a lot during this short time. The weather was perfect (25°C), the city was great and it was just nice to hang around with my lovely colleagues. I still can’t believe that these two years of school are already over now…

At Zurich Airport Flying with SWISS OMG, I love love love this chocolate *o*Our apartment; Penthouse SaintThe kitchen A roof teracce with a beautiful view My beloved room mates (and ex school friends) Mhh, pear cider!
Why don’t we have this kind of drink in Switzerland?!
(。>0<。) Popcorn! The Cathedral/Temple of Saint Sava Having dinner together Grilled squid. So yummy! and party time


One response to “Serbia | Belgrade in 3 days

  1. omg that bathroom hahaha must be fun to stand and read all the comments on how to piss people off =P congrats on finishing and passing your course and of course, graduation! How exciting! This tripped look really fun and I really like how you travel to these lesser known places, they still look beautiful =) Also sharing a penthouse must have been fun and different than a hotel!

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