Kumon Leysin Academy of Switzerland

Kumon Leysin Academy of Switzerland 2013

Hello my Lovelies! My yesterday was pretty awesome!

I really felt that I was in Japan for one day. I have been to Leysin (which lies in the French part of Switzerland and was far faaaar away from Lucerne) to have a look at the Kumon Leysin Academy of Switzerland (KLAS), a high school for Japanese. I have never heard about this school before and by pure chance my Mum told me that there is a Open House Event on Saturday 16 February 2013. And lucky me didn’t have any school lessons yesterday, so I took this chance to go there with my Japanese Otaku Friends.

The Event was actually a kind of a Bunkasai – a Japanese Cultural Festival. People who are interested in the school or those who would like to enter the school are welcome to see how the atmosphere and the schoolwork are like. The classrooms turn into restaurants or cafés and the students perform dances, concerts and plays. (May some of you know it from Mangas or Animes).

At KLAS you could attend to Tea Ceremonies, watch how one makes Mochi (Japanese rice cake) and at the performance area you could listen to traditional Japanese music concerts. Some scary moments you could experience in the Haunted House. The restaurant offered delicious Japanese food; Katsu Curry, Negitoro Don, Nimono and many more food were sold at generous prices. Furthermore, you could try on a Yukata/Kimono, try your hand at some Japanese games like Kingyo-sukui, Omikuji, Origami or Kendama and at the Calligraphy room, students wrote your name in beautiful Japanese letters. What surprised me the most was that almost all activities were free.

As you will see, I made a lot of pictures, so this post might be heavy! And I edited a video which is full of marvellous impressions of the Open House Event.

Thank you to my friends, who made me laugh a lot on that day. And Arigatou to all the Japanese boys and girls, teachers and helpers of Kumon Leysin Academy of Switzerland, for this awesome Event! It made so much Fun at KLAS and I look forward to participate again next year.


The rucksack of a J-Otaku *lol*
Kawaii Onigiri & Rilakuma
I love Japanese Yukata and Kimonos (´-ω-`)-♡ Lunch Time I chose Katsu Curry *_______* Mochi-making CalligraphyWho knows Kendama? (Japanese toy) It is quite addicting! Origami


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