My First Snow Adventure

Hello dear readers from mihoshappylife!
It’s me~ Hana *nyan*

How are you doing? It has been a long time ago since we had an incredible snow storm during the last weekend in October! It was the first time I have seen white flakes falling from heaven. I often sat in front of the door and just looked at it. I had no guts to take a step further towards the wet cold snow. After a few hours I finally plucked up all my courage and hopped through a pool of snow. It was a short refreshing trip, but we cats definitely prefer warm and dry places. *nyaa*

We had approximately 15 centimeters of snow. You won’t believe it but after about three, four days everything was gone! It suddenly disappeared as fast as it came. At the moment we have a lot of rainy days and the temperature is pleasant with 8 ~ 10 degrees. The weather this year is really weird…



19 responses to “My First Snow Adventure

    • Oh really? It looks beautiful but I don’t like the cold temperatures >o<
      Somehow I didn't have time to make a snow man and since it disappeared after a few days it was too late – maybe I'll do one after the next snow storm ;)

  1. Your cat looks like she’s enjoying the snow so much! I always thought cats wouldn’t like the cold or snow! Does she enjoy baths too? Lol

    Romania looks fun and beautiful! What’s your next adventure? =3

  2. Heyy danke :) Aber haha nein, ich bin aus Deutschland (wohne aber in Schottland) ♥
    Das Kätzchen…so süß!! Und vor allem in dem Bild mit der Sprechblase xD

    hehe :)

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