Dracula & Co

~Fortified Church of Prejmer, Bran Castle, Brasov~

Monday, 15 October 2012

Monday was another discovery day. Our professors organized a sightseeing trip to see the UNESCO Fortified Church of Prejmer/Tartlau, Bran Castle (also known as Dracula’s castle) and the big city Brasov. Seeing, eating and walking were our main activities.

The church of Prejmer/Tartlau This is how it looks like inside We saw a golden church on our way to Bran *buhuuu* Dracula, we are coming!Welcome to BranDracula-Souvenirs everywhere Let’s go to Bran Castle / Dracula’s Castle The right place to make advertisement! Throw your money inside and make a wish ^^ That was funny – a stranger and I had the same position *g* in Brasov *roawrr*


One response to “Dracula & Co

  1. Wow I really like reading this post because I’ve always wondered what Dracula’s castle looked like! I remember a girl in my high school lived only two blocks away from there before she moved to Canada.

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