The Guest Card Project


Tuesday to Thursday, 16 – 18 October 2012

From Tuesday to Thursday we were settled in a lovely pension in Arcus. Our group, which was responsible for the Guest Card project, consists of 10 students of the Tourism school Lucerne and 5 students of Sf. Gheorghe, Romania. Our mission was the finalization and implementation of the project Guest Card, which was kicked off by previous students from our Tourism school. The guest booklet integrates institutions from the Saint George area and it offers various discounts in restaurants, bars and other benefits for tourists. The group was split into 5 smaller groups and then the mission started. Four groups had to win new partners and my group had to do the recheck. The previous students started the project last year and filled the booklet already with 18 partners. We had to visit the existing partners and check if the address is still correct and if they are still agreed to offer a benefit. Thanks to Johanna, a Romanian student at the university in Sfantu Gheorghe, we had a great translator, a navigator and a negotiator in one. She was such a nice person and we were very grateful of her help. Without her we were probably lost in the big city of Sf. Gheorghe.Β At the end of our project we had 17 definitive partners (one we had to kick out) and 18 new partners. I am very excited how the client card will develop in the future and hope it becomes a big success. If you visit Saint George someday, don’t forget to watch out for our client card and profit from a lot of special discounts and benefits. The places inside the booklet are very advisable!

the pension we stayed at Oladar, the dog of our host granny!
He was soooo adorable *w* “take me with you!”
he loved me ^^ our host granny!
running after Oladar xD making groupschecking mapsthis was such a beautiful place! Lunch time at Pizza Bastion restaurant
(it is also in our guest card booklet)

We found a funny park this dog loved us *g* a wild deer in the middle of nowhere >o< in Saint Geroge
I don’t remember the story… there was a lady who killed a dragon… Johanna told us that they change the flowers every day!Me, Johanna and Dana Lunch at Libertis! A nice place to go! That’s our booklet =) working…and eating ^.~
Maya cookies!! They were so yummy!
I forgot to buy them TT___TT


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