Pension Valea Lupului

~Valea Lupului & Panatau~

Sunday, 14 October 2012

The today’s program was a visit to the pension Valea Lupului and the children’s home “Familia AMURTEL” in Panatau.

Nice to know: The whole intensive seminar started because of a Diploma thesis of a student at our Tourism school. She wrote about sustainable tourism development models in Covasna, which caught the attention of and during of the teachers. The intensive seminar in Romania was born and during the projects in Covasna, they met Cornelia Fischer, the director of the children’s home in Panatau.

We had lunch at the children’s home and afterwards Madam Fischer gave us a tour through the pension Valea Lupului. Of course there still has to be done a lot of work, but when everything is running well, the opening will be in summer 2013. For more information you can visit the homepage: Pension Valea Lupului

during the rest stop – in Romania there are stray dogs everywhere!


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