The Capital City of Switzerland | Bern

bern-switzerland-travel-4So, yesterday I have been to Bern – the capital city of Switzerland! How long has it been that I was last in Bern…? I can remember that we had a school excursion to the Federal Parliament Building there, but this was..6…7 years ago?!! Yep, time goes by (toooo fast!!)

Although the weather forecast was announcing a rainy day, we just had some clouds and the temperature was very pleasant. At the beginning we went to the Paul Klee Museum and had a coffee break. We both (especially me…) had to save money, that’s the reason why we didn’t visit the Art Museum. For those who don’t know Paul Klee: He was a Swiss artist known for his innovations in modern art painting.
BTW, the Museum offers a free admission for young people (aged 16 to 26) every first Saturday of the month!bern-switzerland-travel-7 bern-switzerland-travel-8Cappuccino was served in a creative cup. I like the spoon. (We saw this unusual tableware set afterwards, during our shopping tour, in the shop called Globus) As we didn’t go to the Museum, I only took some brochures with me. bern-switzerland-travel-9bern-switzerland-travel-10We also went for a little walk until the Bärengraben – a park where you can meet wild brown bears. The last time when I went there, they practically had no space in their enclosure but since 2009 the bears got a new “place to be”. They looked very happy in their new home. Did you know? The coat of arms of Bern depicts a black bear walking upwards toward the hoist. It is a tradition to keep bears in Bern.bern-switzerland-travel-1 bern-switzerland-travel-11bern-switzerland-travel-14 bern-switzerland-travel-12 bern-switzerland-travel-13From the Bärengraben it’s only a stone’s throw to the old town. We walked through the “heart of Bern” with its historical buildings and did some (window) shopping.bern-switzerland-travel-2 bern-switzerland-travel-3 bern-switzerland-travel-1 bern-switzerland-travel-16 bern-switzerland-travel-15After my short trip to the city Bern, I fully realized that it has been a waste to stay away for so long! I totally forget that it was so beautiful and you can even feel the traditional Swiss atmosphere. Peaceful old town, fluffy bears and splendid panoramic views, I absolutely will come and visit you again!


4 responses to “The Capital City of Switzerland | Bern

  1. Miho!! I’m so happy to see you on tumblr ^O^ ちょーうれしいよ!
    Lovely photos~みほちゃんはかわいい =^x^=
    Bern looks like so much fun, wish I could visit. I’ve been to Switzerland once, to a little town called Verbier for skiing :)

    • Hello Joyce~ ヾ(・∀・*)
      I’ve never heard about Verbier before but Switzerland has a lot of beautiful places for winter activities.
      When you come and visit Switerland again, just let me know – I’ll show you around =) Sightseeing tours with Miho (笑)(=´▽`)

  2. Omg! This place looks gorgeous! Under ground shops?! Madness, I’d love to visit this place someday! For the moment I will live vicariously through you hahaha The cappuccino looks heavenly and all those bear sculptures! I’d love to crawl all over them hahaha

    I think it’s so cool that a park can have bears for people to see! Over here all you see in parks are squirrels and birds lol, not as interesting as bears!

    Oh, thanks for reminding me about clipping birds wings, I think it’s really sad that they do this too! Next time I am at the zoo I will for sure ask them about the flamingos!

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