Sticker Haul & Envelope Making | StarRabbitCo

Long time no crafting! I was a bit lazy lately, but I am back with some cute sticker hauls. I found these incredibly adorable Ghibli stickers on Instagram and couldn’t resist to buy them all! I added a Cardcaptor Sakura and Moomin sticker sheet and definitely looking forward to use them next time. The shipping took a little longer (I think it was around one month), but the wait was worth it and the fee was totally fair. The stickers, which I purchased from StarRabbitCo are some of the cutest stickers I have bought so far and I like them so much! It is always a great feeling when you come across something that brings you joy and brightens up your day, and these stickers certainly did that for me. StarRabbitCo is currently on hiatus, but I hope the stationary shop will be back soon!

Price per sticker sheet: 2.00 ~ 2.50 CHF
Shipping: 2.00 CHF

*For more Penpalling ideas, please check out my penpalling page.


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