Sailor Moon Museum: A Visit to the Exhibition in Roppongi

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Sailor Moon exhibition during my time in Japan. The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum in Roppongi was the largest-ever exhibition so far and it featured a wide variety of original artwork, precious illustrations and brand new ones created by Naoko Takeuchi and other memorabilia from the series. Visitors were able to learn about the history and creation of the series, as well as see their favorite characters up close.

In order to ensure my admittance to the Sailor Moon exhibition and avoid any potential wait times, I have booked my ticket for the Sailor Moon exhibition in advance online. The ticket was bound to a specific time slot (as usual, I booked the first available slot possible – 10am), so I arrived a bit earlier in Roppongi to have breakfast at the nearby Starbucks before heading to the event.

The Sailor Moon exhibition was comprised of several different rooms, each offering a unique and exciting experience for visitors to enjoy. The first room featured a small theater showing nostalgic clips from the anime, as well as replicas of the iconic Moon Sticks for fans to admire. The next room was dedicated to the history of the series, which was displayed on a big glittering holographic wall. Did you know that Sailor Moon celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2022 just as Kirby? As you progress further into the Sailor Moon exhibition, you could find walls with storyboards showcasing sketches and character designs from the series, offering a fascinating look at the artistic process behind the creation of the beloved Sailor Moon characters. After the storyboards, there was an impressive collection of over 600 rare Sailor Moon items, including a variety of nostalgic merchandise such as figurines, magazines, replica wands, and more. In addition, visitors can also see a colourful variety of costumes and props from the popular Sailor Moon stage musicals, providing a fascinating glimpse into the world of live-action adaptations. One of the most enchanting rooms in the Sailor Moon exhibition was the Sailor Crystal Gallery, which was adorned with shimmering crystal strings that create a truly magical ambiance. This gallery was home to a remarkable collection of original paintings and artworks by Naoko Takeuchi. Visitors could marvel at the exquisite details and intricate designs of the original artwork, which included watercolor drawings, character portraits, and other pieces inspired by the series. It was important to note that photography was prohibited in this gallery, which added to the exclusivity and unique experience of viewing the original artwork up close.

After the exhibition, I was thrilled to explore the Sailor Moon Museum Shop, where I could browse and purchase a variety of exclusive Sailor Moon merchandise and souvenirs to take home as a memento of my unforgettable experience. Important heads up – each customer was only allowed to purchase one of each item and I needed to hand over the ‘Goods Purchase Exchange Coupon’ that I received at the cashier at the beginning of the exhibition in order to make any purchase.

As a Sailor Moon fan, I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit the Sailor Moon Cafe, which was the cherry on top of my exhibition experience. In my opinion, it was the highlight of the day – I loved trying the themed food and drinks and the atmosphere was just as magical as the rest of the exhibition. It is worth noting that you couldn’t reserve a table in advance, so I made sure to arrive early to avoid the crowds. The food at the Sailor Moon cafe was so adorable that I couldn’t resist snapping pictures of it. Overall, the cafe was the perfect end to my visit to the Sailor Moon exhibition.

Sailor Moon Museum & Cafe @ Roppongi Museum
5 Chome-6-20 Roppongi, Minato City
Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
+81 3-6328-3005

Opening Hours
Temporary Exhibition from July 1 to December 302022

Entry Fee
Adults / College Students: ¥2’000 (advance ticket), ¥2’200 (walk-in ticket)
Junior / High School Students: ¥1’200 (advance), ¥1’400 (walk-in)
Elementary School Students: ¥600 (advance), ¥800 (walk-in)

Vol. 1: Friday, July 1 – Sunday, September 4

Features 60 original illustrations mainly from the 1st and 2nd arcs.

Vol. 2: Saturday, September 4 – Sunday, November 6
Features 60 original illustrations mainly from the 3rd and 4th arcs.
Original illustrations to be exhibited (excerpt)

Vol. 3: Saturday, November 12 – Friday, December 30
Features original illustrations mainly from the 5th arc.


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