Visiting the first Cat Café in Switzerland | Café CASA DEL GATO Zurich

Casa Del Gato is the first cat cafe in Switzerland and I cannot wait to share you some impressions with you! Cat Cafes are very popular in Japan and I often visit one when I am back in Tokyo or Osaka. I never thought that I would find one in Switzerland, since animal cafes are not popular here (due to strict regulations). The Swiss cat café is located in the cosmopolitan city Zurich just next to the station Schmiede Wiedikon (11min with tram nr. 14, direction Triemli).

The interior of the café was very pretty, I loved the wooden touch and the green jungle prints put you in a holiday mood right away. There was also a very nice terrace, where even the cats can go outside and enjoy some sunny days, as soon as it gets a little warmer. Compared to the typical Japanese neko café, I missed the activeness of the cats, which is the main reason why I visit a cat café. However, I can fully understand, since they have max five cats and Japanese cat cafés have usually a crazy amount of cats, so you have those who are constantly active and the other half, which is sleeping in the background. Moreover, in Japan, you have to pay an hourly fee, which was not the case at Casa Del Gato.

When we arrived, it was around lunchtime, all cats were having a nap and the house rules of Casa Del Gato say: do not disturb the cats when they are sleeping. The shop owner told us, that the cats are most active in the morning or in the evening after 6pm. Well noted for the next visit. We ordered some vegan burgers and it was so good! The cat café was not really what I expected, but I can fully understand that I cannot compare it with a typical Japanese cat café. Nevertheless, it was a peaceful place with lovely people and cats. If you are seeking for a unique and outstanding coffee experience, the Casa Del Gato is a great space to hang out!

Kehlhofstrasse 4
8003 Zürich
+41 (0)44 300 10 20

Opening Hours:
Monday & Tuesday Closed
Wednesday to Sunday: 10:00 – 20:00


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