Tokyo Disney Sea Japan

The last time I visited Disney Sea was undoubtedly more than 20 years ago! And still, we all love Disney, even if we are grown-up adults, right? When I plan holidays in Japan, I always try to visit at least one amusement park. The Disneyland and Disney Sea is located both in the prefecture of Chiba and if you cannot decide, which park you should visit, then take both hehe (there are different tickets available). If you would ask me my favourite park, this would be definitely the Tokyo Disney Sea. I personally find that this park is more for adults, compared to Disneyland, which is more for kids. I experienced this first hand when I went to Tokyo Disneyland with my friends in 2013. You could see much more children here and also the attractions were more “child-friendly” than the one at Disney Sea.

So if you are planning a trip to the Disney Sea, don’t forget to read my tips below. I totally forgot about the Fastpasses so we waited like 2 ~ 3 hours in the queue for the ‘Tower of Terror’ attraction… 3 hours waiting time is quite normal for popular attractions in the park and the Fastpass will help you to spend less time waiting in line for attractions. There are machines in the park and in front of the attractions (or you can simply use the Tokyo Disney Resort App), where you can get a free Fastpass for a specific timeframe by scanning your park ticket.

Before I forget it, please do not visit the park during the weekend or on a national holiday. Tokyo Disney parks are extremely crowded!!! We went on a Monday, there were still so many people. Amusement parks in general are very very popular in Japan. From our hotel (Gotanda Station) is was approx. 1 hour by train to the Disney park. Try to go there as early as possible – your destination station should be Mihama Station, from there you can change to the Disney Resort Line to get to the desired park entrance.

Once you are inside the park, watch out for the Fastpasses (what we sadly didn’t) and then enjoy all the sweet details, shows, souvenir shops, restaurants and attractions! For fancy pictures, I recommend you to wear Disney matching clothes and buy some cute headpieces (there are little stands at every corner of the park). Disney is also famous for its popcorn, there are different flavours that you can try at different areas of the park. We were very lucky with the weather, the sun was shining. It looked like it would stay sunny the whole day long, but it started to rain in the early afternoon, so we sadly skipped the evening show (which was the right decision, because it started to storm on the same evening). So if you visit any of the Disney parks, always stay until the late evening. They have a final show before closing time, which is also called ‘Disney Light the Night’ show, where the night sky above the park will come alive with colourful fireworks accompanied by Disney songs and music! I heard that they are really cool to see! We had a fantastic day and I am looking forward to our next Disney adventure.

Tokyo Disney Sea
1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-0031, Japan
+81 570-008-632

Opening Hours (it may could change depending on the day):
10:00 – 19:00

I recommend you to buy the tickets online

Price (1-Day Passport):
Adult: ¥8’200
Junior: ¥6’900
Child: ¥4’900
for more options, please check their website

Useful tips for Disney Sea

  • Book your ticket (online) in advance to avoid the queue at the entrance
  • If you can choose the day, never ever visit the Disney park on national holidays or weekends
  • Take advantage of the FASTPASS (it is for free and you can get tickets for a specific timeframe)
  • Wear matching clothes and buy Disney headpieces :)
  • Check out the restaurants and cafés (the Disney themed food is so cute!)
  • Eat popcorn! Different flavors are sold all around the park
  • Check the event table and enjoy the different shows
  • Wear flat shoes, I am sure you will walk a lot in the park!
  • If the weather allows it, make sure to stay until the evening! There will be a bombastic night show including fireworks!
  • Eat all the yummy food, enjoy being a kid again and make a lot of happy memories!


Some impressions of Disney Sea:

Just follow the signs 2018 was Disney’s 35th Anniversary The shuttle train will take you to the entrance Look at these lovely details! You can buy combo tickets for Disneyland and Sea! Here we are at Tokyo Disney Sea! Couple goals, hehe! Everything was Halloween themed Grab a map!Mediterranean Harbour Let’s get some headpieces first! Mysterious Island This part reminded me of Venice/Italy Lunch time! Toy Story Mania American WaterfrontTower of Terror
The queue was toooo long for this short attraction!
PS. Express tickets are available Popcorn, yum!  It came with this cute packaging Let’s check out the souvenirs Duffy and Friends   Even the refreshments looked cute!Let’s go to the Lost River Delta Arabian Coast Aladdin – where are you? Mermaid Lagoon *under the sea* Don’t miss the food! Mickey shaped treats More souvenirs   Can I take him home please?


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