Autumn Favourites 2020 – Chestnut Edition

My favourite season is finally here in Switzerland! It’s time for cozy knitwear, fluffy scarfs, cool coats and boots – and not to forget: CHESTNUTS!!! I love chestnuts over everything else and in any kind of forms. As soon as September/October starts, I go on a hunt for chestnuts! My favourite place for hunting are the supermarkets Migros and Coop. It is always interesting to see what kind of new seasonal food they have. I made a little “nutty” blog post like 4 years ago and it is exciting to see that the yoghurt and (Farmer) grain bar is still available nowadays.

What is your favourite season?


  • Yoghurt: from Migros and the “Emmi” edition is from Coop
  • Country (chocolate grain bar): from Coop
  • Marroni Schümli (meringue): from Coop
  • Vermicelles chocolate Frey: from Migros
  • Chestnut Spätzli Betty Bossi: from Coop
  • Bruno’s salad sauce (pumkin & chestnut): from Coop
  • Extra: Sauser (Grape juice) from Ramseier

Chestnut chocolate~ There is a similar chocolate bar @ Migros Pumpkin & Chestnut salad sauce!!!
The best salad sauce that I ever had in my life! and she lived happily ever after… =)

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